Tyler Tarver, Killer Tribes and Tyler Tarver

how awesome was your weekend?  yeah?  well, mine was awesomer.  unless you were at the Killer Tribes conference, too, then i guess it’s possible you had as much fun as i did.

and i was crazy popular.

here are just a few things that were said either to me or about me:

“sharideth? like the chick from twitter?”

“you’re like my meaner older sister.”

“she yells really well.”

you write that relationship blog?  really?”

boom!  famous!  and by famous, i mean i was that weird, manic kid that every one kind of likes, but nobody knows what to do with.

you know what was even better than being recognized for my enormous lungs?  meeting Tyler Tarver.  he’s the one blogosphere friend i’ve known the longest.  our e-like started by discovering we had chosen the same terrible blog template, so i told him, “we’re going to be soul mates or e-rivals”.  it was precious.  but not that like big girl with the Academy Award nomination.

p.s.  we’re neither of those things.  we’re just friends.  but not in the way that i’ve had to write half a dozen blogs about.

how can you not love a guy who has Justin Beiber as his iPhone background and confessed to cutting off his mullet before heading to the conference?

sorry ladies, he’s married.

even if i didn’t now count Tyler as one of my real life friends and not just an e-pal who claims to come from someplace called Arkansas, i would still do what i’m about to do…

promote the crap out of his new book.

*subliminal message*buy it*end subliminal message*

go ahead and click that giant logo.  it’ll take you right to the “buy it” page.

his last book, Words and Sentences, sits on my coffee table.  my daughter has read it.  twice.  she makes everyone look at it.  this one is an e-book, so i’ll just set my laptop on my coffee table and keep the PDF open when people come over.  full.  screen.

Letters to Famous People is $9.99 for about a million euros worth of laughs.  even if we’re only talking pesos, it’s still worth it.

download it.  read it.  love it.  tell you friends it.

while you’re itting, pick up Words and Sentences, too.

Letters to Famous People

Words and Sentences

Tyler’s Blog

Tyler’s Twitter

do you have any e-friends who have become real friends?

have they wrote books?


5 comments on “Tyler Tarver, Killer Tribes and Tyler Tarver

  1. Tyler says:

    i choose e-soulmates

  2. I’m so excited I’m gonna read it before my copy gets here.

  3. becca3416 says:

    I sure hope I eventually get to make and meet many e-friends!

  4. I got my first email address in 1997 and to this day, I still keep in touch with two of those people from way back in the day. We send each other Christmas cards, wedding announcements, birth announcements, phone calls, etc. I would love to actually meet both of them one day. 🙂

    I do have some real life e-friends. In fact, I was the maid of honor in one girl’s wedding. Whoa, snap. We met in an AOL chatroom. #nolie

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