Sharideth Smith

I like hats

Bios are suppose to be in 3rd person and have proper grammar, right?

Meh, whatever.

I’m a wife, a mom of God-help-me teenagers, politically but not psychotically conservative and I shoot a lot of pool. Just don’t ask me to play darts because we will both be disappointed.

Writing is also something I do. My ghost-writing credits include a series of articles on constipation and pretending to be a male, black gospel singer on Twitter for three months. Totally pulled it off. But mostly I just like to connect with people through words.

Let’s have some conversation.


6 comments on “Sharideth Smith

  1. Aaron Reddin says:

    I’m so confused….can men be here? Or are we not supposed to read this stuff? Help a homie out….

  2. Jonathan B says:

    As a homeschooled kid, I approve of your homeschooling Mom status.

  3. Stumbled across your blog and I’m totally loving it! 😀

  4. Robert says:

    I am a lover of words also Sharideth. It is uncanny how words can impact minds and hearts in very illuminating ways. I get an image of Zoey Deschanel and Janean Garofalo as I read your blog. I was tempted to leave you an alliteration of S words but perhaps another time. Kudos for your savoir faire and joie de vivre madesmoiselle Sharideth

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