twitter twaddle: #WhyRelationshipsEnd

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the wisdom of Twitter is endless. here are some real pearls about why relationships meet their final demise.

#WhyRelationshipsEnd An old Asian driver runs you over and kills you. – this was written by an Asian so that makes it okay, right?

#WhyRelationshipsEnd because of jealous. – i’m going to need you to expand on that…with at least a “y”.

#WhyRelationshipsEnd us dudes be stupid – well, i can only speak for you…

#WhyRelationshipsEnd Lack of effort, trust issues, and hoes.  – lack of effort, trust issues and farming implements. got it.

#WhyRelationshipsEnd Twitter, Instagram & Screenshots ! – these are merely the tools, my friend. merely the tools…

#WhyRelationshipsEnd my soccer schedule – you prefer other dudes and balls. understood.

#WhyRelationshipsEnd the Dark Lord Avada Kedavras the boyfriend in a graveyard. – that is THE WORST when it happens!

#WhyRelationshipsEnd because nobody else wants to see you happy. – somebody needs new friends.

#WhyRelationshipsEnd: They don’t bring you to Taco Bell enough. – yep. total deal breaker.

#WhyRelationshipsEnd Because either of the two participate in No Shave November. – NSN is perfectly acceptable for all men and any woman who has no reason to be touched for a month.

#WhyRelationshipsEnd idk, @chrisbrown can you think of any? – i want to be bffs with whoever wrote this one.

#WhyRelationshipsEnd coz dem listen HEAR SEY!!!! – email me for help finding a ESL class near you.

#WhyRelationshipsEnd because conversations become texting, arguments become phone calls, and feelings become status updates. – boom! nailed it!

so, what the worst reason you’ve ever given or received for why a relationship ended?