“but what if i lose the friendship?”

i get this question a lot.  “what if i tell my friend that my feelings are deeper?”  “what if i ask her out and she says no?”  “what if i lose the friendship?” my answer: so what if you do? sharideth, you are an insensitive and terrible person.  i hope you burn to death. whatever. […]

why she puts you in the friend zone

so yesterday one of my dumb twitter twaddle lines struck a nerve.  apparently an exposed nerve that was stabbed and set on fire. #WhyDoFemales Always fall for the bad guys and friend zone the good guys? i’ve written about how to get out of the friend zone here and here, but realized i haven’t much […]

dear sharideth: am i his Christian booty call?

Dear Sharideth, So I’ve got a situation….there’s this boy (as there is in any situation!). We’ve known each other for about a year now, and for a couple of months we’ve been spending quite a bit of time together, heaps of texting (mostly initiated by him), and more and more one on one time recently. […]

dear sharideth: letter #13

Dear Sharideth, The problem. Female friend: divorced and ready to move on. Male acquaintance of hers: Was married, wife died roughly a year ago. In the past these two were great friends, close enough to lean on each other when support was needed. This, unfortunately, turned into a bit of a fling. My friend deliberately […]