Get Out of Debt Free Card?


Click to make it bigger.

Well, ladies? Tempting and not creepy at all, yes? I mean, he know The Rock!


16 comments on “Get Out of Debt Free Card?

  1. philsname32 says:

    Not a lady but holy crap! I know these kind of people are out there, but it’s scary when you see things like this.

  2. But can he smell what the Rock is cooking? (I’m not a wrestling fan, yet still know this catchphrase. Disturbing.)

    Sadly, his totally not creepy at all offer is destroyed by a their – there mistake. How could you live with that?

  3. How is anyone supposed to believe that guy can show the way to financial independence when he obviously can’t even afford a shirt?

  4. Ethan Moses says:

    Geez, Wayne Newton has been hitting the weights super hard. The dude is a triple threat now!

  5. I am hoping this is a lost bet or prank gone wrong.

  6. Lynne says:

    His head looks photoshopped onto his body

  7. J.Mill says:

    “click to make it bigger”…. yep! hahaha!

  8. Julie Catherine says:

    So, this add reminded me that there is a new matchmaking service in my area. They offer to connect young, college-age girls to “sugar daddies.” Nope. Not creepy at all!!

  9. Jennwith2ns says:

    Yeah–the sad part is that someone (possibly multiple someones) will actually try this out. Guy reminds me of two sociopaths I’ve known. It can’t end well . . .

  10. Soul Walker says:

    Easiest way to get e-commerce training… clearly.

  11. lostnchina says:


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