How to Win at Mother’s Day

Some of you might remember that two years ago Craig bought me an axe for Mother’s Day. For those who are gaping in horror at your laptop right now, here’s me using it:


And…I loved it. That wasn’t my only gift, but it was the only one I asked for. What? Axes are awesome! Anyhoo, Craig always wins at Mother’s Day because he bothers to think about what I might like and does that. He either gets me exactly what I ask for or drops a surprise that is specific to me.

That’s how it is done, fellas. Please make a note of it.

Until you reach shopping level:pro like Craig, I’m here to help. My benevolence and loathing of awful gifts knows no bounds. So I’m revamping my favorite online shopping sites from last year. There’s going to be a couple of nips and tucks and a complete removal of all that stress you’re feeling because you are just now realizing that Mother’s Day is in 2 weeks. Don’t worry. All these places have shipping services that will totally save your ass.

Here we go:


The logo/link will take you to a page where they have women broken down into interests/personality types and you can click on the one that is most like the mom you’re buying for and get her something awesome.


Oh dear lord.  I am truly very sorry if I’m the one who is exposing you to this wonder of the interwebz where you will spend all your disposable income and waste hours dreaming of what could be.  But don’t be mad at me, blame Matt Gates.  It’s his fault. Also, do not take my warning of how much this site will consume you lightly. I recently touted it’s wonders on the 9 Thumbs podcast and nearly shut down the recording.


This one is broken down into categories so it is easy to navigate to items that might be super cool for your mother, the mother of your children, grandmother, mother-in-law, step-mother…

Now you’re panicking and wondering where the shopping stops, aren’t you? Sorry. I’m going to totally leave you hanging on that one.


This is the highest rated flower delivery company in the country.  the prices are competitive and the arrangements are lovely.  I have already established that any woman who says she hates getting flowers is a bald faced liar, but you’d better make it good.  Spend the money for something unique.  Do not cheap out on carnations or I will personally hang you out to dry on Twitter.

So have at it.  Make her day awesome.

What are some other good shopping websites?

What is your version of perfect Mother’s Day gift to give or to receive?


22 comments on “How to Win at Mother’s Day

  1. Lauren Jean says:

    I’ve got a workaholic for a mother who barely has time for lunch, not to mention clean the house. So I’ve arranged for someone to come over and do a deep spring cleaning for her! Maybe not the most imaginative gift, but I know it’s exactly what she needs/wants.

  2. I know that there might be some who will argue this, but spa gift certificates are useless unless you know she wants it, will use it and has the time to use it.

  3. barbtaub says:

    When we got married, Great-Uncle Herbie took my husband aside and told him the two rules for present-buying:
    1. Don’t get her anything with a handle.
    2. Don’t get her anything that is breathing.

  4. Jennwith2ns says:

    Do you have thoughts on how to handle mother’s day when you’re a step-mom? (Or how the man who made her a step-mom should handle it?) Naturally I expect my step-daughter to spend the day with her biological mother (she lives with her anyway), but is it wrong for me to wish my husband would buy me some flowers for Mother’s Day?

    • I know this is a late response, but I would say it depends on the relationships. I probably won’t do anything for my mother on Mother’s Day because well our relationship is at best complicated and likely I will spend it with my Dad’s fiance because it’s not complicated. That being said last year when her kids (the fiance’s kids) dismissed acknowledging my Dad on Father’s day it hurt, they chose to focus on their father who has been deceased for over 10 years. And while I appreciate that they have a birth father, I think that any adult who steps into that adult caregiving role should be acknowledged in some way. All that said, of course you deserve flowers.

    • Jenn, I’ve been pondering your question for a week now and still don’t have a good answer. I’m not sure what’s appropriate. Maybe I should ask the tweeps…

  5. AnnaGoclock says:

    L’ha ribloggato su Womenoclock.

  6. A Good Wife says:

    You were absolutely right to put a disclaimer on your recommendation of This is why I’m broke. The first time I discovered it, I went through the whole site. It took me hours. I’m embarrassed. *giggle*

  7. walkthebassline says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this post. Thanks to, we’ve bought a Destination Dinner kit for my mom. She’s going to love it, and it’s much better than grabbing flowers and a card after church because you forgot. 😛

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