Phone it in Phriday









If you could any super power what would it be and why?



5 comments on “Phone it in Phriday

  1. Michael Mock says:

    Superpower? Shapeshifting. It’s so… versatile.

  2. “He wanted to b with his wife” who, in addition to being his wife (what vows?), PROBABLY MAKES THE SUPERHUMAN EFFORT TO SPELL OUT THE EXTRAORDINARILY LENGTHY WORD “BE.”

    My superpower would be the ability to recharge iPhones instantaneously.

  3. I want the ability to throw a ping-pong ball from wherever I am and hit anyone in the world, wherever they are (with an impact speed as if I’d thrown it from across the room). I’d use it to send messages, annoy my younger brothers, amuse my nephew, and get the attention of people behaving like idiots.

    • jessistrong says:

      That has to be the most brilliant response I’ve ever seen to this question.

      I would pick flying because when I was a kid I had flying dreams that were so vivid, my mom caught me jumping off of furniture trying to get myself into the air. But if flying is ever not an option, I want in on this ping-pong thing.

  4. Jeremy says:

    My superpower would definitely be teleportation. I could go on vacation so easily. New Zealand? Yeah, it takes 1 minute to get there. Brazil? I’m already there. Suck it airplanes!

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