So You Got Stood Up


Recently a friend of mine got stood up. She shall remain nameless because it’s her absolute favorite thing to be referenced on the internet without being given any credit what-so-ever.

If you didn’t catch the sarcasm there, I can’t help you.

Anyhoo, it was suppose to be her second date with this guy and they had spoken earlier in the day to confirm. The conversation seemed good. Enthusiastic even.

Fast forward a few hours…

The time she was suppose to hear from him comes and goes. She eventually texts him and he responds with “almost done” or some such nonsense. She doesn’t hear from him again until almost 3 hours after date time and he texted with an excuse wreaking of douchebaggery.

Guys, this is not how it’s done. And I hope you, my readers, would know better than this and you probably do, but just in case, here’s a thought or two.

1. If you make plans with a girl, keep them or straight up cancel. It’s called being a man. It is impossible for me to care less about your reasons for not wanting to go through with it. Seriously. Don’t care.

Oh and keep excuses to cancel down to finding out she already has a boyfriend or that she’s a serial murder suspect. One murder might be okay, you’d just need to confirm the circumstances.

Otherwise, go on the date, be kind and then just don’t make another one.

2. She’s a human being, man, c’mon. You now know what I don’t care about. What I do care about is the girl on the other end being strung along and left feeling like a stain on your shirt. Bad form, dude. Really bad form. Unless she incapable of any feeling at all, this is going to hurt her. And depending on the girl, could cause more damage than you could possibly fathom. Being cancelled on is a bee sting. Being stood up is a blow to the gut and far more personal. Just don’t do it.

3. Ladies, you don’t stand men up. If you make the date, you go or suddenly come down with parvo. You may not stand guys up, but what you pull can be so much worse. Does making excuses about not being available sound familiar? Oh yes. I can feel you cringing right this second. You leave the guy to think there’s a chance when you and I both know there isn’t.

Gross.  Don’t do that.

Just say no, Nancy Reagan. A guy would rather take one swift “no” blow, than be tortured with a bunch of “maybe next weeks”. I can feel you cringing again. Be straight with him. He’ll take it fine. You’d be surprised.

4. If you get stood up, don’t chase. Drop kick that man into yesterday and move on. The one text my friend sent was completely reasonable. So cool, do that. But after one, it’s game over. You have officially wasted all the time you’re going to waste on someone so lacking in basic decency. So say I. And don’t make excuses for him. The odds of him being fatally wounded on his way to your apartment are pretty small.

Ever been stood up?

Ever stood anyone up and want to clear your retched conscience?

What is a good reason to cancel a date?

Ladies, what are some of the excuses you’ve made to not go on a date?


6 comments on “So You Got Stood Up

  1. I like the humour spun on the situation, along with the advice given, after all men really can be so self-centered and not realise the hours spent ‘analysing’ why we were stood up. The excitement of dating!

  2. TK says:

    I feel like this applies to other commitments, not just dating.

  3. Soul Walker says:

    Does this mean your going to be posting again? … Cause I kind of thought you were standing us up. I just assumed you were upside down and dead in a ditch somewhere because I know better than to not listen to my mother and she said that about people all the time.

  4. Soul Walker says:

    Also, I have never been stood up and I have never stood anyone up. I did get ghosted once though… which felt really weird.

  5. Scotty says:

    I would love to have a similar post about not calling when they say they will and the response to that!

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