twitter twaddle: #HowToReplyToILoveYou


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twitter is a gold mine of good advice. here are some nuggets.

#HowToReplyToILoveYou I hate you. – that seems excessive.

#HowToReplyToILoveYou “you not for real” – pinocchio’s girlfriend?

#HowToReplyToILoveYou – I love me too – did we date?

#HowToReplyToILoveYou: I don’t blame you – we definitely dated.

#HowToReplyToILoveYou: cool story bro – so jaded…

#HowToReplyToILoveYou The user you are trying to contact has been disconnected and dropped out the face of earth MSGCD:3217962189762 – ohhh. so close to being clever.

#howtoreplytoiloveyou ERROR MESSAGE 405: The number you are currently trying to reach is no longer in service. Contact carrier for details. – nailed it.

#howtoreplytoiloveyou pineapple pineapple pineapple! i don’t know what to do with my hands!!!!! – i’d probably fall in love harder if the object of my affection responded this way.

#HowToReplyToILoveYou … I Love… Cake….. – who doesn’t?

#HowToReplyToILoveYou k– i didn’t realize my husband was on twitter…

#HowToReplyToILoveYou Well I’m thinking that “I love you too” would probably be a good reply? I mean. I’m just throwing that out there. – and there it is.

and the best response ever, ever, everrrrrrr:


your turn. kill it in the comments.


11 comments on “twitter twaddle: #HowToReplyToILoveYou

  1. I’m going to throw a #GMTA on it, since my first thought on seeing the title was “I Know.”

    Pro Tip: If your girl has never seen Star Wars (I actually know some people in this category), the “I know” response is not recommended.

  2. Please tell me someone on that hashtag put “Feed My Sheep” 😀

  3. Well, I just said it to Siri and she responded, “You are the wind beneath my wings.”

  4. Dirk says:

    #HowToReplyToILoveYou … ~the sound of silence and a happy but stupid grin

    I also noted on twitter, “Shame, my marriage was arranged when I was 4.”

  5. My husband and I now just say BABE! For like everything it’s kind of funny. It’s replaced whole sentences! BABE…Baaabbbbeeee. . . ba?…
    Fun Post thanks!

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