“What Makes Women Happy”

i had a “dear sharideth” all ready to go for today, but then this happened:

ain’t he a peach?

this douche bag pastor is in charge of molding the hearts and minds of young people. he has been on tv a bunch and evangelistic crusades all over the world.

he has also plead guilty to impersonating an officer.

you can read all about that little gem by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

if the people who go to his church, edgily called The Basement, and the people who give this guy a stage and a microphone can’t see what a raging tool he is, then…oh man, i don’t even know.

it’s like The Situation and Dane Cook had a terrible terrible baby.

i know i could directly address the condescension and over all disgustingness of what he doess in the video, but you guys don’t need me to. you are way smarter than the people cheering for his bullshit. but what i really wanted to do for you guys is to let you know that Matt Pitt exists and slap a big fat warning sign on him. if you encounter anyone who thinks he’s neat while you’re out there dating, run.



if they are following his lead, you don’t want anything to do with them.

you’re welcome.

go ahead and feel free to share your thoughts on this guy in the comments.


13 comments on ““What Makes Women Happy”

  1. Hk says:

    I live in the area and know a countless number of people that went to the basement during high school. Among many other great stories I could share is the conversation I had with a girl that was oooing and aweing over Matt Pitts looks but said she wouldn’t want to date him ’cause you’d have to like keep the ten commandments and stuff’.
    Also thus ‘church’ is used to be a pre-game for a night out clubbing for some people I knew.

  2. Michael Vuke says:

    Was that an exert from a sermon? And I agree…he does look like he is from Jersey Shore.

  3. Wow, that was…remarkable?
    I love what the judge said in your link: “He admonished Pitt to read Paul’s second letter to Corinthians, urging Christian leaders to humility. Ministry requires service, not being the head of a parade, Reeves said. “It really means service,” Reeves said. “All of us who serve as ministers are servants.”

  4. I noticed he’s not wearing a ring.

  5. Hershey’s? Really? This guy has never met an actual woman, has he? If you’re gonna be a douche, at least be a douche who buys quality stuff. Tool.

  6. Hmm. Looking at the link, apparently his arrest was a case of doing something with an honorary title that the honorary title does not entitle you to do. This reminds me of the socialite in recent news who believed being an honorary consul gave her diplomatic privilege. We’ll be nice and call it poor judgment.

    But the video…words are not proving sufficient. His sound effects are grossing me out, and his mannerisms are just plain TRYING TOO HARD. Over-exaggerated to the point of kinda creeping me out. He needs to spend some time with Andy Stanley and tone it down.

  7. kp says:

    If that’s what he’s like now, I wonder what he was like when he was addicted to coke.

  8. holly says:

    he reminds me of ryan from last season’s bachelorette.

  9. So Pauly D is a pastor now? Interesting note, I was eating chocolate covered raisins while watching this.

  10. Soul Walker says:

    So… I feel like I need more context to get upset… was that video from a sermon? Or am I not your target audience from this one… I guess sometimes when you think something is obvious…

  11. bethagrace says:

    Honestly, I’m a little surprised *you* found this insulting.

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