phone it in phriday

got Halloween parties this weekend? what are you going as?


13 comments on “phone it in phriday

  1. Hk says:

    Im going to my old roommates annual Halloween party at our old house we call “Hogwarts” as a giant inflatable pumpkin.

  2. Clint says:

    I’m going as a crazed chocloate addict. More specifically, an M&M addict. I’ve spread melted chocolate all over a white t-shirt, and glued empty M&M packets to it. I’ll spread chocolate over my mouth and show up with a crazed expression and pockets full of empty M&M packets. My wife is going as the yellow M&M.

  3. Clint says:

    See you there, Hk.

  4. Heidi K says:

    I’m going as a biker chick. Which is kind of cheating, since I have a Harley. I don’t dress that way in my regular life, though.

  5. “He’s harmless and lives locally.” That’s great.

  6. Abby says:

    I went to a party last weekend as Carmen Sandiego and my boyfriend was Waldo. I kept disappearing/reappearing when people weren’t paying attentionand he randomly stood in the background of as many photos as he could. It was fun!

  7. Soul Walker says:

    “I didn’t know you liked xbox…?” That is priceless.

  8. Lafemmeroar says:

    That shark brain is pretty telling as to why women should not be messed with … men don’t really know what they’re “getting into.” Great post 🙂

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