share the remote

Man used thumbs to gouge out uncle’s eyes in fight over TV remote.

i can’t watch cop dramas or singing competitions when craig is trying to sleep. it makes him pissy. so if i want to watch tv while he slumbers adorably, it has to be History Channel or Animal Planet.

a friend of mine is a happily married straight woman who Netflix thinks is gay. she’s very much interested in the inner workings of the LGBT world because she has many friends who are gay but she is the only one in her household who rates what she watches.

my Netflix thinks i’m a 12 year old boy who wants everything i watch to somehow relate to Dr. Who.

two nights ago i wanted to watch the Presidential Debate, but my family decided it was movie night so i watched Spinal Tap. there was an armadillo in their trousers. it was really quite frightening.

finding shows to watch together can be like navigating a mine field or Starbucks at 7:46am. sometimes it’s best to just try some other time.

craig is only home at night, so he gets to watch pretty much whatever he wants. i do a lot of DVRing. i can catch up on Criminal Minds, The Voice and Vampire Diaries while i pretend to be other people on the internet from my bed.

we both like Top Gear, New Girl and Gravity Falls (it’s a cartoon, don’t judge) so there is some common ground.

why all this talk about tv and preferences?

a. because i had writer’s block, but wanted to work in my friend’s story about Netflix thinking she’s gay that she told in a super secret Facebook group (because that’s the sort of thing that happens in super secret Facebook groups).

b. because the last two posts have been kinda heavy.

c. because i decided if you can learn to live harmoniously sharing the remote control, you will probably die old together and like it. probably.

you never know. Lord knows i never do. why do you people come here?

have you ever gouged anyone’s eyes out over a remote?

how about just disagreed over programming and Netflix selections?


10 comments on “share the remote

  1. My biggest trauma lies in seeing a great show, wanting to share it with her and then joyfully looking aside to share a mutual fondness over the magnificant thing we’re watching, only to catch her sleeping/texting/reading a book. When we were just dating, I brought Step Up 3 with me and prepared for watching it together by watching Step Up 1. I figured one was enough for a lifetime, so I read a book while she watched the movie I brought.

  2. Ricky Anderson says:

    My wife and I have about 85% of the same taste in shows and movies. This makes us more than willing to watch something that’s in the other 15% since it’s pretty rare.

    Although I refused to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I have standards, you know.

  3. Jennwith2ns says:

    Nothing wrong with Dr Who . . .

    My husband and I have pretty similar taste as well, but since I’m going to be starting grad school classes in January, and since we DVR or Netflix everything anyway, I recently told him that the shows he watches that I DON’T prefer? Need to wait until January. Then he can watch them back to back to his heart’s content, while I pore over Systematic Theology. (Whatever that is.)

  4. Donna says:

    Before our first baby arrived this summer, the hubs and I (newly married about a year ago–yay for our first year anniversary next week!) rarely watched TV proper: he YouTubes his entertainment of choice (usually old shows and flicks) and I work evenings until 10 so I don’t have any prime time TV preferences. Once the bebe arrives, we somehow started watching TV as a family. Our fave channels by far? History and Animal Planet. Pawn Stars is our educational, family friendly crack.

  5. We’ve got a little device, the name of which I forget at the moment, which allows hooking a digital tuner to mom’s computer. We only have an antenna that gets local stations, but we’ve got a splitter so the computer and the TV can get different signals. So last weekend, mom was watching the NASCAR race on her computer while dad was watching football on the TV. Meanwhile, dad and I were also blowing up tanks together online. Technology is a wonderful thing sometimes. 🙂

  6. Soul Walker says:

    No one will be surprised to learn that I think Dr. Who is amazing.

  7. Jess says:

    we’re netflix junkies, and tend to look for TV shows that have multiple seasons available. So the biggest disagreement we have is when one of us skips ahead of the other other on a day off. “You finished season 2 of Burn Notice without me?”

  8. Lauren says:

    Ew ew ew mental image of eye gouging ew ew ew!!!!!

  9. Upstairs DVR, downstairs DVR, and 2nd upstairs DVR has helped us navigate. Upstairs DVR is for stuff Tahni likes, we both like (Mad Men, Suits, Conan, Castle, The Voice, Michigan Football, etc.) and I tolerate from time to time (Chopped, House Hunters International, etc.). Here, huddled around this precious machine, we laugh together, cry together, and have great family conversations. Downstairs DVR is full of shows only I watch or watch with the older kids (Dexter, The Walking Dead, Homeland, Breaking Bad, etc.). Upstairs DVR #2 is reserved for Tahni and is full of shows she doesn’t want me to make fun of.

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