phone it in phriday


if you could make one permanent law, what would it be?

p.s. by overwhelming majority and pleading private messages, phone it in phriday stays.


6 comments on “phone it in phriday

  1. I think I’m adding “Are you certain it’s not a Velociraptor?” to the list of question to ask the sonogram technician if I ever accompany a pregnant woman for her exams. Thank you for bringing this important consideration to my attention, Sharideth!

    Right at this moment, I think my permanent law would grant me the ability to exile people to the country that I felt most reflected their viewpoints. I foresee Cuba and Greece having population booms if I ever get that power.

  2. Wooooo! Phone it in Phriday stays! Sharidethocracy works!

  3. The “are you naked?” cartoon cracked me up!

  4. Oh, and the permanent law would be to make football a ‘year round’ sport.

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