dear sharideth: Flirting at Work?

Dear Sharideth,

I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on being flirtatious in a work environment. I know there are sexual harassment laws and law suits (not that I plan on harassing anyone) and that many companies have policies against inter-office dating. Feel free to comment on all that, but that’s not what I’m asking about specifically. My company has frequent meetings with a vendor company of ours, and that company employees a man I find quite attractive. Is it possible to flirt with him without damaging the companies’ relationship?


Vexed by Vendor

dear VBV,

it’s pretty easy to answer this yourself. you just aren’t asking the right question. the real question is “does this super attractive vendor guy have the authority to sever the relationship between your two companies if you dated and things went south?”

if yes, it’s probably not a good idea.

if no, it’s still probably not a good idea, but carries less chance of any real damage happening job wise.

however, flirting never hurts. you’re not dating, it’s flirting. there’s really nothing to worry about until when/if he asks you out. even then you could go and try to get to know him better. unless he’s a childish douche, a few dates to see if there’s anything there won’t hurt either.

it really all comes down to how professional you both can be if the relationship doesn’t work out.

and not to overstate the obvious…okay, i’m totally going to overstate the obvious, that’s kinda my thing…you’re not in a relationship with him. at this point you’re only looking at him and exchanging a few words.

so again, i say, flirt away. flirting is fun and unless you’re flashing your boobs at him, totally harmless. i wouldn’t give it much thought past that until the possibility of a date is actually on the table.

oh so sincerely,


anybody in a vendor type work situation? what say you about this?

what say the rest of you about this?


One comment on “dear sharideth: Flirting at Work?

  1. Sherideth, are you refusing to post again until you hear from your readers? =) I miss you! Hope all is well.

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