phone it in phriday

that last gem was sent to be by @katemardis.

i know that one above is hard to beat, but i have faith in your dark, dark souls so…what is the worst way to ask someone to marry you or to be proposed to?


7 comments on “phone it in phriday

  1. Lauren Jean says:

    Well, it’s probably not the worst, but I was repeatedly proposed to by my drunk bank teller over Facebook. After he moved to Mexico, and I was still in Minnesota. And we had never seen each other without a counter between us. At least three seperate times.

    I was only a little tempted to say yes.

  2. My first brilliant idea was to come over to my girlfriend for a month, pretend to leave on an airplane, only to show up after two days, propose and then leave again. I realized in time how she hates it when I leave and that doing it twice would not be the best plan, asides from how pissed she’d be for hiding for two precious days. Instead, I came a few days early.

  3. The Doctor Who one is my favorite. When I saw that one earlier this week I about choked on my laughter.

  4. Jennifer C. says:

    I’ve seen that diamond ring/ shotgun billboard. Go Atlanta!

  5. asoulwalker says:

    I just hear “EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” over and over in my head so I can’t really answer the question.

  6. asoulwalker says:

    Also, the soccer guy is pretty funny. When I was playing lacrosse we always used to make fun of soccer injuries– even the guys who were also on the soccer team did it. Good on ya.

  7. Vijesh says:

    Some are funny some were cool, especially last story about hiring a director to act a death scene was nice, good collection.

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