twitter twaddle – #HowToPissOffAFemale

follow the wolverine bird. or me. whatever.

happy day after Labor Day (aka recovering from your food coma day). i’m going to need bigger pants. here’s a little Twitter ridiculousness to ease you back into reality.

#HowToPissOffAFemale Switch her tampons with party poppers.. – might be the most excitement she’s had in a while. #youneverknow

#HowToPissOffAFemale Use the decorative hand towels in the bathroom – as a woman, i never understood this. if it calls itself a towel and is hanging in the bathroom, i’m going to dry my freshly washed hands on it.

#HowToPissOffAFemale Steal her bike. – i wanted to give this one an honorable mention since i’m pretty sure it was written by an 8 year old.

#HowToPissOffAFemale everything pisses off a female. – either you need to change up the women you’re around or the problem is you.

#HowToPissOffAFemale reply with “k” to her 5 paragraph text – dumb. but reality.

#HowToPissOffAFemale treat her different around your friends. – yeah. that will do it. and in this case, rightly so.

#HowToPissOffAFemale Tell her to “Calm Down.” – but what if she really needs to calm the frack down? having a full blown freak out over anything less than watching a decapitation is never okay.

#HowToPissOffAFemale Tell her she looks like a man – fair enough. not the best compliment ever.

#HowToPissOffAFemale: Ask how many broomsticks she’s gone for a ride on. – The Dark Lord

#HowToPissOffAFemale punch her – that’s a good way to get punched back. probably in the groinal region.

#HowToPissOffAFemale Keep calling her “female”. – THANK YOU! gah! i hate hearing women called “female”. pffft.

what else? ladies, what pisses you off? gents, what have you found pisses women off?


12 comments on “twitter twaddle – #HowToPissOffAFemale

  1. Just a question… How many decapitations are we really seeing nowadays?

  2. asoulwalker says:

    Every time I hear female I think Ferengi. I know I’m not the only one.

  3. Scotty says:

    Asking – “are you just saying that because it’s that time of the month?”

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