why do women…

i have no idea what i was going to type after “women”.  when the drop down happened i completely lost my train of thought. y’all know that when you use the Google it gives you the most popular options based on what you start to type, so i can only assume that these are the top 4 things guys want to know about women and i, of course, am here for you.

1. why do women cheat? – insecurity: they fill up their “i suck” hole with sex and it just makes a bigger hole. lack of emotional or physical connection in their current relationship. or because they’re selfish, self-centered sluts

2. why do women wear high heels? – to make their legs look more shapely and sexy, gain a few inches in height and because Christan Louboutin is a god among shoes.

3. why do women shave their legs? – really? this is number 3? all right. it’s because we’re convinced it’s gross not to, but apprently you guys don’t feel that way? can that be right?

4. why do women have periods? – to get out of sex one week a month.

what else do you want to know?


10 comments on “why do women…

  1. Number 3 might be from a twelve-year old feminist.

    Why do women analyze every step in the dating process together? It has made me really nervous on various occasions.

  2. Jenn says:

    My opinion on this is because we are often taught that it is this mysterious process in which we need to do everything perfectly or it won\’t turn out, in time most of us figure out that boys, though they might not appear to be, are in fact human, and it is therefore dating is not a procedure akin to dismantling an atomic bomb, it can go wrong and often does but you can work through it without the stress and wondering and anxiety.

  3. The answer to all these questions is another question: “What makes you think that ALL women do anything?”

  4. Regarding both #2 and #3, I’m not sure it’s so much an implying that women shouldn’t as curiosity as to the motivation because we don’t think we’d put ourselves to that much discomfort in their place and neither are things that guys (most anyway) have experience dealing with. Guys value their comfort, and both of those look unpleasant and uncomfortable to us.

    Now, a guy WILL put himself to discomfort for a specific person or people. He’ll wear a tie to impress the boss and get that promotion, kneel for a couple of hours on a mat at that culturally-accurate restaurant his girlfriend wanted to try out, or (maybe) shave his face because his wife doesn’t like kissing stubble. But he usually won’t shave because complete strangers might see him at the grocery store. 😀

    • Bridget says:

      “because we don’t think we’d put ourselves to that much discomfort in their place” haha, so true. Probably it’s a cultural thing, but (most) guys don’t put that much of a premium on looks, at least not to the degree of pain or inconvenience.

  5. bethagrace says:

    1. Same reason men do.
    2. They are cute and elegant and it’s culturally unacceptable to wear flats in a good number of places.
    3. Because it’s culturally unacceptable to show leg hair at the office or for a nice dinner (even for guys) and we want to wear knee-length skirts.
    4. You’ll find out in sex-ed.

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