Virgin Voyage of the Wednesday Nooner

oh man.

i’m excited.

and terrified.

and will probably throw up.

but today is the launch of my new podcast with Tamara Lunardo and Alise Wright.

i realize most of you are single and/or not married yet, so…use your best discretion.  and earphones.  for the love of God, use earphones.  unless you want to broadcast a podcast about masturbation, that is.

broadcast a podcast.  bwahahahahaha!

good lord, i’m totally losing it.

but don’t worry.  only the first one is about your personal alone time.  the next two are about Magic Mike and Fifty Shades of Grey.

all are as sexy as they are awkward.  okay, that’s a lie.  they are way more awkward.

and please, please, please cut us some slack on sound quality and what not.  we’re working on it and still have some kinks.  iykim.

what we lack in audio prowess, we make up for with horrifying declarations and embarrassing ourselves.  so there’s that.

bondage linkage:

The Wednesday Nooner Website

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Download us on iTunes

oh my gawd.  this is really happening.

i’m sorry?  you’re welcome?

holy crap.


9 comments on “Virgin Voyage of the Wednesday Nooner

  1. You and your awkwardness are so effing sexy. Wanna have an auditory threesome? Oh right. WE TOTALLY JUST DID.

  2. alisewrite says:

    This is so happening. And is so terrifying. And so exciting.

    So it’s time to do it again soon, right???

  3. asoulwalker says:

    I went out for a walk and saw my two married neighbors come home for lunch at the same time… I may have peed a little.

  4. Ricky Anderson says:

    I totally didn’t just listen to it while talking back to you three. Totally didn’t.

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