sex leads to parenting

yesterday i announced that i’m doing a podcast about sex.  today i’m sharing some of my thoughts on the result of having sex.


my e-buddy, Tor Constantino, has just become a father once again and therefore isn’t getting any sleep, so i’ve written up a guest post for him today.  God knows my writing is more effective than Lunesta.

here’s a snippet:

My kids are weird.  Having my husband and I for parents really leaves them with no other option.

Odd is hard-wired in their DNA.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve seen some of the stuff they say because I can’t keep it to myself.  The world has to know.  Like:

Daughter: “What’s a catheter?” I explain… “OH NO!  I am never asking you anything again!”


Me: “Son, you’re putting your pants on backwards.” Him: “Don’t judge me.”

Probably my best/worst parenting moment ever was when my daughter was 4 1/2.  She’s a pretty good kid most of the time, but this day…she had been a monster.

I may have even taken out a Craig’s List ad and offered her as “free to a good home.”  The final straw was when she took a pair of scissors to her brand new school pants.  I was speechless I was so angry and just…done.  I knew if I put my hands on her I’d snap her neck, so I just stood there.  Staring at her.  Totally matter-of-fact she says, “Spankings don’t work and time-outs don’t work, so what are you going to do now, Mom?”

for the rest, click here.

btw, “snippet” is strange word.  don’t think i’ll use it again.

if you are at all curious about my method for completely screwing up my children, head over to Tor’s place and have a read.

Nothing Makes Me Feel More Like an Idiot than Parenting

what is the best thing your parents ever did to raise you right?

how did they get it wrong?


2 comments on “sex leads to parenting

  1. jonnybgood says:

    well they wanted the right things for me but lacked the consistancy to ensure that I received a proper educuation. but focused more on that i was a hard worker, that i honored God.
    rather than having a stable educuated life. and though i havent failed in life ive just been treading water for the last 9 years trying as hard as i might but not finding my place in this world.
    thus, very nearly is this the story of my life.

  2. Regan says:

    Best things? They taught me to work hard (by making me work hard). They taught me to be respectful (by spanking me when I was a smart-aleck). They taught me that serving God was important (because they made it a priority for our family).

    Worst things? They weren’t good encouragers and took more of a critical view of my accomplishments. (You know, “That’s good, BUT you could do better if you did THIS.”) So I’m having to deprogram myself so that I can give encouragement as well as criticism.

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