Your Humpday Lunch Just Got Hotter

i used capital letters in the title to this post.  are you excited yet?

you should be excited.  and by that, i mean sexually.

one short week from today (August 1st), at exactly this time (12e/11c), i, along with my partners in crime, Alise Wright and Tamara Lunardo, will be launching our podcast, The Wednesday Nooner.

you heard me.

we will be yanking back the curtain on sexual issues both serious and ridiculous and probably making the serious, ridiculous.  if you know what i mean…

no?  you don’t?


here’s a hint.  click our logo below and it will send you to hear a clip.

oh yeah, we recommend you listen with headphones.  wouldn’t want you to make Starbucks unsafe for children.  or get fired…

i know, right?

you’ll have to extend us some grace while we work out technical stuff in the first couple/few podcasts, but our complete lack of talent and disregard for propriety will probably make up for that.


if you LIKE our Facebook page, you’ll get an extra clip to embarrass yourself with at work.

here’s three things you’re going to want to do:

1.  LIKE our Facebook page.  that way you can see what other people are saying about us to our faces.

2.  Follow us on Twitter.  so you can see what people are saying about us behind our backs.

3.  Subscribe to our Website.  this is to find out what sort of nonsense is coming up next and learn a little more about all of us and stroke our…egos.

so have i scared you yet?


10 comments on “Your Humpday Lunch Just Got Hotter

  1. Tamára says:

    Oh, I’ll stroke your ego alright. Let’s do this, baby!

  2. alisewrite says:

    Well, I don’t know if we COMPLETELY lack talent, IYKWIM.

    Or did you mean about the podcasting part?

  3. This is going to make. my. week.

  4. G Fresh says:

    I don’t know if my virgin ears will be able to handle it, but I’ll do my darnedest.

  5. Anne Marie says:

    Looking forward to this. Promises of silly sexy sentences satisfy superbly. 🙂

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