phone it in: 4th of July edition

Happy 4th of July Y’all!!

What are you plans?


8 comments on “phone it in: 4th of July edition

  1. The dress is beautiful, but it’d make a better pageant gown than wedding gown. Putting the stripes on the train also could offend some, since you’re not supposed to let the flag drag on the ground. It’s not technically a flag, but reactions might vary. The concept would work great for a beauty pageant dress if you corrected that though.

    I have no words of horror adequate for the picture that follows it.

    Who is the guy with the mustache?

  2. My Independence Day plans are to be wholly dependent on air conditioning. I plan to go nowhere and to do nothing that doesn’t involve being in air conditioning. Because dagnabbit, that’s EXACTLY why we broke up with England.

  3. Karin says:

    I love the dress! I sort of want one

  4. G Fresh says:

    I have 4 racks of ribs marinating in the fridge to go in the smoker for 6-7 hours tomorrow (or later today really) and I’m also planning on making up a batch of my Strawberry Kickasses to take to my neighbor’s 5th annual 4th of July party which is always a blast. Literally. Tons of our own fireworks plus an easy 5 minute walk to see the downtown Nashville fireworks.

  5. asoulwalker says:

    That last one is amazing. Also, the poster about partying hard… yeah we totally had that up in a bike shop I worked in years ago… and you made me smile reminding me of it.

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