twitter twaddle: #WhatMostWomenWant

CLICK ME! or don’t because i used all caps.

ready ladies?  what you want as defined by twitter.  should be good.

#WhatMostWomenWant Channing Tatum. – how shallow do you think we are?  it’s not like bought presale tickets for Magic Mike yesterday on Fandango for $8.50 plus $1.00 service charge or anything.

#WhatMostWomenWant They don’t know, but if they don’t have it, they’ll get angry. – i would really like to say this isn’t true…

If you want to know #whatmostwomenwant just check their pinterests. Duh. – this might be genius.

#WhatMostWomenWant No periods, free gig tickets/merch, eat forever without getting fat  – written by a dude.  and he’s right.

#WhatMostWomenWant A man to figure out what’s truly important to her via a trending hashtag on twitter.  – definite downgrade from pinterest.

#whatmostwomenwant A puppy who knows how to open wine bottles. – i’ll take 2.

#WhatMostWomenWant bloody rich husband – written by a female.  age: 20.

A lot of beef. A little pork. Everyone wins. RT: @Zullyx333: #WhatMostWomenWant The Rock & bacon – @TheRock

#WhatMostWomenWant A mansion of accessories, clothes, shoes. I don’t know, everything maybe. – written by a female.  age: 15.

#WhatMostWomenWant things they cant have. ie: a tank. weapons grade plutonium, in real life pokeman. – i want all of that.

okay, let’s try something that probably won’t work.

ladies, you list the top 5 things you think most women want and lads, you do the same.  i for one am curious to see the differences/similarities.


15 comments on “twitter twaddle: #WhatMostWomenWant

  1. Rachel says:

    Top 5 Things I Think Most Women Want (in no particular order of importance):
    – Adventure
    – A family
    – A sense of security
    – To have accomplished something we feared we couldn’t
    – To be valued and seen as worth pursuing

  2. Assuming the women are heterosexual:

    1. Health and Happiness
    2. Financial security and equal pay for equal work, including career satisfaction.
    3. Healthy, happy, and well adjusted children.
    4. Companionship from female friends who are true friends, and not catty, passive aggressive and back stabbing.
    5. A handsome man who treats them as an equal, and with respect, who listens to them, makes them laugh, sincerely loves them, is financially secure and stable, doesn’t lie or cheat, doesn’t drink or drug excessively, and who can be romantic and then set them on fire in the bedroom.

  3. beckycastlemiller says:

    What Women Want (According To Pinterest):
    1. To re-do their weddings with unlimited budgets + photo booths
    2. Perfectly designed homes with no children around to mess them up
    3. Chalkboard paint
    4. Delicious meals with no calories
    5. Chalkboard paint

    What Women Want (According to Tumblr):
    1. Ryan Gosling

  4. Abby says:

    What I think most women want (no particular order)

    Pretty things – what they find pretty differs from person to person though.
    Community – personal connection, feeling like they belong
    Adventure – exhilarating experiences

  5. What I think women want.

    love, not just romantic love
    to be told they are beautiful
    to make a difference in other people’s lives
    flowers, chocolate, shoes.(sure it’s cliche, but it’s almost universally true)

  6. Karen says:

    …family, friends, security, a chance to make a difference and to be appreciated for trying…

  7. asoulwalker says:

    You know, if I were to be honest I would say that most of the women I have known have told me they desire a sense of security… and then I have nothing (if I were to be honest). I really don’t think I have any real sense of what women want…

  8. Lauren says:

    Heck, I just want a real life pokemon.

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