i’m at the lake, so…

UPDATE: just realized that nowhere in this post do i tell you that none of this bliss belongs to me, which made whole thing sound like i’m a bragging a-hole.  i don’t own/am not a member of any of it.  it is solely at the generosity of good friends that my family and i get to experience this level of awesome.  now you know. 

maybe you woke up this morning thinking, “i bet now that sharideth has turned 40 she will have some clever list of things she has learned since being born so very long ago”.


*full disclosure* tried to write exactly that, but i’m at the lake and when i sat down with a Coke in a glass bottle and the left over au gratin potatoes i was having for breakfast, i looked out the giant picture window and all thoughts immediately flew out of my head.  literally.  all of them.  had to turn my back on it to get this far.

this particular spot is the only place i’ve ever been on the planet where i can just…be.  i disengage.  unplug.  lay here and just forget the world.  *feel free to insert any other metaphor/Snow Patrol lyric here*

all that to say, you may or may not hear from me for the rest of the week.  hint:  err on the side of “may not”.

here’s why in pictures:

view from the deck…

view from the dock.  not to be confused with the view from the deck. two very different things.

my friend calls this the Big Blue Meanie.  i have no idea what’s in it, but after one and a half, craig and i were telling our kids we had discovered a colony of Smurfs, killed them and were now drinking their blood.

my children riding away on a jet ski with more horse power than my car.  but i was on my 2nd glass of Smurf Blood, so i didn’t really care.

view from the yacht club.  where the ad-dults sat behind a two-way mirror wall inside the restaurant eating a meal i actually dreamed about later that night, while watching our kids being served cheeseburgers poolside.

if you can’t read it, it says “40:  Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway!”

why is the cake significant?  because it was ordered by friends who get me and who i don’t have to be anything but just me with.

do you get it now?

get what, sharideth?

why i won’t be around much, silly.

oh, right.  that.

where is the one place you can go to complete relax and shut down?


3 comments on “i’m at the lake, so…

  1. Tamára says:

    Happy 40th, you hot mama. xo

  2. jonnybgood says:

    wow sounds like some extreme relaxing, i guess it doesnt get more peaceful than that lol

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