twitter twaddle: #ExcusestoBreakUp

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from the poetic to the barely literate, Twitter once again yacks its wisdom on us.

#ExcusesToBreakUp it’s not you, it’s Hitler. – @TrueAdolfHitler

#ExcusesToBreakUp I’m going on a LADS holiday. I’m probably going to cheat on you. – admirable that you break up before you go, but not enough to clear up that raging case of douchebaggery.  p.s.  is LADS an acronym or do you just really like boys?

#ExcusesToBreakUp you have chlamydia. I gave it to you but still. – how dare you catch my sexually transmitted disease!

#ExcusesToBreakUp I caught you wearing crocs and socks – fair enough.

#ExcusesToBreakUp you put the milk in before the cereal…and it just…it creeps me out – that is weird.

#ExcusesToBreakUp: “Roses are red, violets are blue, garbage is dumped, and so are you.” – ahhh.  a romantic!

#Excusestobreakup I cant love you and love myself at the same time – you’re so vain, you probably think this tweet is about you.

#ExcusesToBreakUp you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym – no.  sorry.  i mean i hated high school and all, but homicide was only a passing thought.  i’m not saying it didn’t pass slowly…

#ExcusesToBreakUp you ate my bacon – this is why you shot up the gym, right?

#ExcusesToBreakUp “you. are. not. chris. brown.” 😀 – “this. is. a. good. thing. he’s. an. abusive. waste. of. DNA.”

#ExcusesToBreakUp – you chill with too much manO_o

if LADS is an acronym, what does it stand for?

i know you guys can do better so…what are some excuses to break up?  funny or serious.  i don’t really care.


7 comments on “twitter twaddle: #ExcusestoBreakUp

  1. Jimmy F says:

    #ExcusesToBreakUp You root for Lebron James

  2. Your spellcheck doesn’t like you, Admiral.

    #ExcusesToBreakUp You should have known I’d see the wanted poster eventually.

  3. Jenn says:

    #ExcusesToBreakUp You use lol and gud in your texts. Full words ONLY.

  4. Nancy says:

    You know less about sports than I do. And you like cats. #ProbablyLikesBoysAnyway

  5. jonnybgood says:

    we dont see eye to on the same eyes..:P

  6. jonnybgood says:

    we dont see eye to eye with the same eyes…!

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