too deep or not too deep

when i told a friend of mine recently about a guy i dated who was absolutely gorgeous, but had all the depth of a mud puddle, his response was “well, sometimes you have to go through a mud puddle”.


wish i’d thought of that.  but i didn’t, so i will just steal the idea and write a blog about it.  pffft.

remember stepping in a puddle while wearing tennis shoes when you were a kid?  terrible feeling.  one that sticks with you for a while.  it’s probably been a bit since you’ve that done again, if ever.  lesson learned right?

yes?  no?  mostly?

we’ll go with mostly.

well, except for that phase when you’re jumping in every puddle you can find just for funtake that as figuratively as you want.

if you haven’t already, you will most likely step in a mud puddle at some point in your dating career.  what is a mud puddle, you ask because i wrote the question that way?  why, let me tell you!

1.  shiny on the surface – mud puddles can be really purrtty.  especially with that rainbow oil slick on the top.

2.  shallow – there’s just not much there.  enough to soak your sock and leave you full of regret, but that’s about it.

3.  murky just under the surface – the muck is easily disturbed with even the smallest rock.  it can be as confusing as it is swirly.

don’t beat yourself up too much.  it happens to most everyone.  go home, strip off your soggy sock, air out your pruney toes and start fresh the next day.  the good news, unless you’re the type to invest way too long on something that should have run it’s course in a week, you’ll get out of the puddle almost as fast you got in.  if you are that type, stop it.  boo!

have you fallen into a mud puddle, literally or figuratively?

ever gotten the bottom of your jeans wet in a puddle?  ugh, that’s the worst!


8 comments on “too deep or not too deep

  1. Jenn says:

    Ah yes the mud puddles – it definitely happens, much more even as time goes on in dating, as I think we all can be better at hiding our true selves.

    As for the other puddle issue, I live in one of the wettest cities in North America that is a pretty consistent problem.

  2. Unfortunately, the only time I’ve ever been invited to wade into the dating pool, it turn out to be a puddle of mud rather than a refreshing swimming hole. Darn it.

    • jonnybgood says:

      so how doth the puddle become an ocean what is your view of a pool that has a big shallow side and gradually moves to the deep side. or are their just to much crud covering our eyes from seeing the real thing.?

  3. becca3416 says:

    Yes a big mud puddle at that! This post is so true!

  4. Jennifer C. says:

    I have literally fallen in a mud puddle. I was 10 or so at a campsite, and it just rained. I was trying to make it back to our camper from the other side of camp. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in a puddle of mud. I was rescued by my mom who carried me to our camper, and got me changed. I ventured back out, proceeded to slip, and land on my bottom in just plain mud. I cried like the girl I was and didn’t go back out for the rest of the weekend.

    Figuratively? No.

  5. asoulwalker says:

    You may have missed a large portion of the lads by choosing this particular analogy… I know that I am not alone in still liking mud. When a father sees his toddler splashing in the mud and runs over to stop him he often says, “don’t do that your mother is going to freak out,” and not, “don’t do that son, I personally disapprove of your puddle-jumping exploits…” I’m just sayn’…

  6. jonnybgood- the one who walked the wise road says:

    well i am a guy and for some reason i find the dating pool much more shallow than most simply because my own depth isnt the most graspable .. so how do guys like me fit in to this most shallow reality … i know im not the crazy one but why am i just so alone. is life its self so shallow that older women find me more plesant than the ones my age..?
    but i just wish sometimes that maby i wasnt quite soo deep and analitical can it be possible to be so deep that i come off as threatening though I dress like the shallow one i am any thing but.
    how do i find someone with the same equality mind set as myself yet my own age?

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