answers to the “ask me anything 2” post

you asked, i’m gonna answer, y’all.

here we gooooooooo!

Ricky Anderson says:

What did I ask you last time? –

  • Ricky Anderson September 22, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    Can you explain a bit about how you go about getting freelance writing gigs? most all of my work comes through referrals.  i do have a company i work for online that i also write articles for.

aliss says:

Why do guys just look… or blatently gawk, at women but never approach them or start a conversation? Additionally, what effect (if any) does this have on the women they’re doing this to?

kind of feel like i could turn this one into it’s own blog post, and who am kiddin’?  i probably will.  ’til then…  many guys see a girl and think, “she’s prittttty………………………………….”  and that’s as far they get.  1 of 2 things happens.  either their brain shuts off entirely or they have no idea what to do next, so they stare.  the effect on girls?  initial flattery leads pretty quickly to being creeped out.

combatpzman says:

I have noticed that women like to say something to their friends about a guy, while the guy is just within ear shot. (I’ve had this happen to me a lot). To me this seems to indicate that they wanted the guy to hear it, but the strange part is that they always deny it when you confront them about what they said. Why do women bluntly lie like that? Is it a test or something?

it’s game playing.  if they can’t own up to what you OBVIOUSLY overheard, their maturity level never got past the 7th grade.  next time it happens, walk right into the middle of the conversation and respond directly to what’s being said.  i’ve done it.  watching the panic is totally worth it.

Lauren says:

What is your favorite flavor of Jones soda?

oh man, that’s rough.  if i had to choose…the cream soda.  i can’t resist a good cream soda, because i’m secretly 87 years old.

Burrill Strong (@sgtwolverine) says:

What horrors would await us in a world without beards?

men with weak chins would have no way to hide them, become inconsolably angry and wage war on men with sculpted features.  it would be chaos.

crux_taco says:

Betty Boop. Hot or Not?

with that disproportionate head?!?  NOT!

asoulwalker says:

You know I didn’t think I would have a question… but I do. Have you (as a girl) ever given a boy the silent treatment? Did you (after enough time had passed) feel that this was effective or appropriate (or perhaps both)?

maybe in junior high?  i have moments when i get real quiet because i’m sorting through how i feel or what to say or am angry and don’t want to say something inflammatory, but a real “i’m not talking to you” silent treatment?  no.

Brent Baker (@bsbaker85) says:

What advice would you give to a couple to help them prepare for marriage?

uh, wow.  this one really does need it’s own blog post.  look for that soon.  til’ then…the one piece of advice i always give as most important is never let anything get to the point of resentment.  get it all out in the open, no matter how painful or trivial.  get it out there and talk about it.

Scotty says:

How do you do a break-up right? Would love a post!

did it!  twice!  click the crap out of those links.

there’s nothing worse than a bad break up

how to survive a breakup

Regan says:

Is it kosher to say these things to guys?
“I don’t want to date you so quit looking at me like I’m a cream-filled chocolate cupcake.”
“I really think you’re cool, but you’re wearing a wedding ring and never mention your wife and I’m wondering if your intentions in chatting me up every time you see me are above-board.”
“You are an amazing barista and cuter than all the Little Rascals combined. We should hang out.”

I want to say these things, but I don’t have the guts to. Is the fallout worth the moment?

first, i got called anti semitic once for using the word kosher the same way you just did.  just an fyi.  second, sure!  why not!  guys want things clear.  they hate guessing or trying to read signs.  i say do it.

Heidi says:

What is you favorite childhood memory ….or funniest?

that would have to be when you ran over a cat while driving me home and we all screamed like the overly excitable girls we most assuredly were/are.  or just about anything your sister and i would do when both sets of parents were out of town for the weekend…

Dani DiMuzio@DaniJoy94

@sharideth What’s your favorite weapon and why?

i’m pretty partial to guns.  there’s really no arguing with them.  lately though, i’ve also been into bow and arrows, thank you Hunger Games.

any more questions?  ask them in the comments and i will answer as many as possible.  do it.


15 comments on “answers to the “ask me anything 2” post

  1. Since I asked it too late on twitter, here you go:

    If you were a Ke$ha song, which one would you be and why?

  2. jlo says:

    So someone asked about getting ready for marriage, what about if two people were from two completely different cultures, say one where women are SUPER independent and one where they stay at home and bake and sew things all day because that’s the way things have always been and men think they’re ‘protecting’ them by knowing what they’re doing every waking moment? How does one be respectful but also not lose one’s self in all of that janks?

    • that could be a deal breaker. it’s also how international kidnappings happen. that sounds excessive, i know, but it’s true none-the-less. both sides have to be willing to seriously compromise. sometimes there is no “enough” compromise to work it out. people tend to become more committed to cultural tradition over time, not less.

      probably not the answer you wanted, but you’re setting yourself up for a difficult road and marriage is already hard enough.

  3. Regan says:

    Anti-semitic, huh? Guess I’ll have to be an Indian giver and take that one back.

    • the whole thing was very strange, especially since i had just knocked down the person’s medical bill from over $10,000 to less than $500, but i stopped using the word because of it.

  4. Steph says:

    So…I know you’re married and all, but how would you respond to the question “Hey…WHY aren’t you married?” when thrown at you out of the blue?

    • propose to them right on the spot. when they get confused or say no, say, “bummer, still no luck.” and walk away.


      ask “Why do you want to know?” then just stare at them and wait. making things more awkward for them than they made it for you works like a charm. they’ll think twice before asking you again.

      i wrote about that and other things people ask that are none of their business here:

      • Steph says:

        nice. I actually referred back to the old catch all that my mom used to use when I was growing up “‘Cuz Jesus wants it that way”. There’s just no arguing that point.

        In future, I’m definitely going to have to employ the “why do you ask”/stare combo…as I’m sure that wasn’t the last time I’ll hear that question.

  5. What is the preferred “push present” for a pregnant wife? I’m thinking steel-belted radials…fail?!?

    • terrible fail, Tor. get her anything she likes that provides immediately gratification with absolutely zero effort. also, Salt N Pepa’s Push It on repeat is very popular.

  6. Abby says:

    Do you have suggestions about good responses to people who hear/ask about my dating relationship and then ask me “Is it serious?” (I realize what they’re asking, but think it’s a strange way to ask and it isn’t something I necessarily want to discuss with them in great detail.) I’ve considered one or more of the following replies:

    – It’s chronic but not fatal.
    – The doctor gives us a good prognosis.
    – Serious? As opposed to humorous? We’re both pretty funny.

  7. […] question popped up as a late entry to the “ask me anything 2″ […]

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