twitter twaddle: #SignsThatYoureLonely

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being lonely totally blows.  boy, doesn’t Twitter just know it!  let the sensitivity begin!

#SignsThatYoureLonely – When you like your own Facebook status. – unless you’re being funny “haha” when you do this, you are funny “weird”.

#SignsThatYoureLonely – You play with your lightsaber too much. – i’m assuming this is a metaphor.  and what is “too much”?

#SignsThatYoureLonely – When you meow at your cat but he doesn’t meow back. – i hate it when he ignores me!  he’s worse than my kids.  he’s also deaf.

#SignsThatYoureLonely: Your phone battery lasts longer than your day. – who’s magical phone does this?

#SignsThatYoureLonely – you tell Siri to text u…………and u be respondin – i would classify Siri as undatable.  if she were a real person that is.

#SignsThatYoureLonely – you fake your death so u can see who all would show up at your funeral – somebody just read Huckleberry Finn….it was me.

#SignsThatYoureLonely – You go to google for advise – who does that?  oh yeah, people who find my blog by googling questions about relationships.  sup?

#SignsThatYoureLonely – you always minding other peoples business. – oh man, this is so true.  

#SignsThatYoureLonely – All your statuses are about being single and loving it – dead. give. a. way.

#SignsThatYoureLonely – your cat tries to commit suicide – ouch.

#SignsThatYoureLonely: when your excuse for being single is “God is the only man I need” – boom.  someone call the Pope.  this needs to be included in scripture.

what are some other signs you’re lonely?

what do like to do when you’re alone besides play with your lightsaber?


6 comments on “twitter twaddle: #SignsThatYoureLonely

  1. kp says:

    shut up.shut up.shut up.

  2. G Fresh says:

    You Instagram lots of pictures of your cats, the meals you eat and the shows you’re currently watching on Netflix…wait a minute…


  3. bethagrace says:

    “All your statuses are about being single and loving it.”

    This, this, this! It’s like a giant neon sign.

  4. sarah says:

    Oh em gee, can you please do a post about why Siri is undateable? is it because she’s totally codependent?

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