“An Easy Mindtrick That Makes Women Feel Attracted To You”

this guy has a whole series of videos where he rambles almost incoherently for the vast majority of the time. 

p.s. i’m not talking about his accent or the fact that he appears to be devoted to open collar shirts and deep v-neck tees.

however, i thought this one was interesting.  his delivery could be way better, but i think there might be something there…

what do you guys think?

ladies, quick poll…is this guy attractive at all?

i frankly can’t decide.


14 comments on ““An Easy Mindtrick That Makes Women Feel Attracted To You”

  1. Jennwith2ns says:

    Concise? No. Attractive? Kind of. Although if he spends his dates talking like that, the attractiveness might diminish quickly.

  2. I have one primary reaction to that video: STOP TALKING. Seriously, it’s hard to judge the merits of his thoughts because I got so hopelessly lost in the SO MANY WORDS National Forest. That video should be about 30 seconds long.

  3. bethagrace says:

    This is all I could think of while he was talking. Same words. Same awkwardness.

  4. Whoa. Too much talking here. Edit, please? I can sum up- Be Cool, think of Us. *rolls eyes*

  5. It sounds like he dates recreationally. Well, at least if he focuses on making both parties semi-entertained. 🙂 To be fair to him, he’s giving advice in a second language. I’m sure it is hard to get to the point.

  6. Well, if I cover everything from right under his nose and up, he’s decently attractive. Does that count? And is that accent German? It can’t be. Germans don’t say more than 15 words at a time….

  7. Jenn says:

    By society’s standards I would say he’s definitely not unattractive. Do I think he is? He’s not who I would be attracted to and I doubt listening to the video is going to change my mind.

  8. jessigering says:

    I call Shenanigans, ladies! that accent is adorable. If only it would say something intelligent.

  9. susanft says:

    if he didn’t talk he’d be gorgeous. unfortunately the brown stuff coming out of his mouth is really not pretty at all….

  10. Regan says:

    I think he’s attractive and I like his accent. But I think the hairdo could be better. LOL. Wait… is this HOT or NOT?

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