How to Win at Mother’s Day

last year i tore Men’s Health a new one when it came to their Mother’s Day suggestions.  that terrible publication really needs to be put down when it comes to all issues female.

feel free to read that for my alternative recommendations for Mother’s Day.  they still apply.

this year i’m going more generalized and am going to trust you to pick something out all by your lonesome.  don’t worry.  i won’t leave you hanging.  there will be guidance in the form of some of my favorite websites where you can buy stuff.  especially handy if your mom lives far away so you can drop ship that crap.

here we go:

the link will take you to a page where they have women broken down into interests/personality types and you can click on the one that is most like the mom you’re buying for and get her something awesome.

That’s Why I’m Broke

oh dear lord.  i am truly very sorry if i’m the one who is exposing you to this wonder of the interwebz where you will spend all your disposable income and waste hours dreaming of what could be.  but don’t be mad at me, blame Matt Gates.  it’s his fault.

this one is broken down into categories so it is easy to navigate to items that might be super cool for your mom or the mother of your children.

this is the highest rated flower delivery company in the country.  the prices are competitive and the arrangements are lovely.  i have already established that any woman who says she hates getting flowers is a bald faced liar, but you’d better make it good.  spend the money for something unique.  do not cheap out on carnations or i will personally hang you out to dry on Twitter.

so have at it.  make her day awesome.

oh and Craig, if you’re reading this, everything i want is located on my wish list which is conveniently logged in on my laptop.

what are some other good shopping websites?


5 comments on “How to Win at Mother’s Day

  1. alisewrite says:

    Seriously, is the devil. I NEED that jellyfish aquarium.

  2. G Fresh says:

    Actually, is the one I showed you. Apparently somebody is copying the idea already. That’s why I’m broke looks pretty sweet too, though. 🙂

  3. First thing on the Broke site when I opened it, top center: Bacon Candy Necklace. I think that speaks for itself.

  4. Jeremy says: is the greatest site on the internet! I really want that Han Solo desk!

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