i am grateful for my readers

i had something entirely different planned for today.  until i read this tweet:

“avoid rape, say yes.”

that little shit nugget came from @themensleague.  feel free to have a look at what they vomit up, but please…don’t follow them.  i wouldn’t want to give them the satisfaction.

they pretty much embody everything that is useless douchebaggery and wrong with their generation.

me being me, i responded with “i don’t think it surprises anyone that you can only get women by force.”

their tweet before that was “Today is Friday, tonight I’m fuckin’.”  class just oozes from the sores that are most assuredly on their penises.

i’m pretty sure they wear a lot of super tight Ed Hardy tees that have cut off the circulation to their tiny, tiny brains.

here’s where their slimy existence led me….

i am grateful for my readers. 

you men are real men, regardless of confidence level.  you are intelligent and respectful.

ladies, you are smart and reasonable.  you are also honest when you don’t quite hit the reasonable mark. 

i admire you and am grateful to all of you for coming here day after day to read my ridiculousness.

so there.

how would you guys have responded to that tweet?

p.s.  if you want to, you can report these guys for violent content on facebook or report them for spam on Twitter.


21 comments on “i am grateful for my readers

  1. junelikethemonth says:

    Wow…I guess I would have tweeted (which I don’t anyways): avoid douchebags, say no to this guy,lol

  2. G Fresh says:

    I would have said, “That’s good advice. Be sure to remember that when you go to prison and meet large men named Bubba in the showers.”

  3. Wow. That’s just sick. No wonder some women wonder where the good men are (raises hand).

    I probably wouldn’t have responded because it sounds like it’d just enable the punk, but I think a good come back would be something like “I bet your last girlfriend beat the shit out of you”.

  4. Chad Jones says:

    Off the top of my head, suppose I would’ve said “Grow up, and grow a real pair, little man.”

  5. Not. Sounds like a waste of energy.

  6. Nicki says:

    Looks like their page on Facebook contain the very same slime. I reported both.

  7. I see so many tweets that aggravate, offend me, etc, that I just don’t respond. It just isn’t worth it to me. But if someone wants to, I say have at it.

  8. Tamára says:

    That is a devastating statement, not only in itself but also in that anyone found it humorous to write or read. I don’t know that I could, would, or should respond to that directly, but it certainly encourages me to stick to the hard work of editing the submissions for What a Woman is Worth. Because those guys might be here to be assholes, but you and I are here, friend, to do good. Grateful for what you do and for the wonderful community you’ve gathered.

  9. ghfool says:

    How about, “I avoid rape by saying yes to concealed weapons”.

  10. alisewrite says:

    So aide from the shitty tweets, I’m just devastated to see that they see themselves as “tailored for men.” What a low opinion they have, not only of women, but of men.

    Stuff like this makes me angry because it says to people that the men that I love, that I work with, that I’m raising, find humor not just in sex jokes (which, let’s be honest, ARE pretty funny, otherwise we wouldn’t giggle at “that’s what she said” kind of humor), but in degrading women. That’s not true and it’s not okay.

    I’m sorry that 17k think it’s funny. Blech.

    I join you in thanks for people who know that we can wink and nudge and still respect people, regardless of their sex.

  11. My first though was “Avoid rape. Carry a taser.” My second thought was Smith & Wesson. Ther’es nothing about rape that’s funny in my eyes. Nothing about it that’s manly either. It’s one of the worst possible variations of the bully’s need to tear someone else down to feel higher themselves.

  12. Well, I definitely wouldn’t respond. But I think it’s interesting even the retorts here still put the onus on women to avoid rape, and not on men to not commit rape. So my replies would be along these lines:

    “Avoid rape. If she’s not saying yes, leave it and walk away.”


    “Avoid rape. Keep your dick in your pants.” And if you can’t manage that, then: “Avoid rape. Wear a male chastity device.”

    Incidentally, retorts about prison rape are as unfunny as the original offensive tweet. And retorts about domestic violence (even if it’s DV targeted at men) are in the same category, effectively telling the original tweeter that their approach is right – shame on you, G Fresh and K.C. Procter.

    • I like that: “Avoid rape, Keep you dick in your pants.” Anything else assumes that women bear the responsibility of avoiding rape.

    • ninja says:

      A gender freindly phrase is needed, there are women rapists as well. They are probably fewer, but they exsist, and it does not help that it is much harder so say a girl did it.

      • As it happens, in UK law, rape requires a penis.

        But anyway, the first phrase can be easily rephrased by choosing your favourite gender-neutral personal pronoun (I like hir/zie personally):

        “Avoid rape. If zie’s not saying yes, leave it and walk away.”

        Thus recognising that men can be victims too, and also making no assumption about the gender of the person to whom the statement is directed. Happy now?

  13. asoulwalker says:

    I’m pretty good at breaking bones.

  14. Rosemary says:

    They are clearly of such limited mentality that no kind of reply could enlighten them – just getting attention of any kind would no doubt make them feel smug. But enough people reporting them to Facebook for hate speech might at least get their ugly page removed.

    • Please, not with the ableist language and assumptions. People with learning difficulties or low IQs are generally not the people making these types of so-called “jokes”. Please do not equate evil with “limited mentality”.

  15. jrob says:

    I’ve nearly replied to this several times now. But each time I’ve had to look at what I was writing, and about to post out on the web, and start over. This happened to several women in my family. Needless to say, I feel there is justice overdue. As a father, brother, and a man, this infuriates me…

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