the difference between how men and women see themselves

summer’s a comin’.  people are rededicating their lives to Atkins and attending the Church of Aerobics to save their thighs from sin.

but men and women see very different things when they look in the mirror.

exhibit a:

that’s not humor.  that’s science.

here are a couple of things i know about how men and women see each other, which is way different than how they see themselves.

1.  most men, unless they are totally shallow douche bags, do not mind women with a little meat on their bones.  what women see as being fat, men see as curvy.  you do not have to be a size 4 or less to be attractive.  deal with that.

2.  women are more attracted to a man who carries himself with confidence than to his waist size.


why do you think men and women see themselves so differently when they look in the mirror?

*disclaimer:  ladies, i know looking in a dressing room mirror has it’s own set of horrors, feel free to air your hatred of fluorescent lights and what appear to be fun house mirrors here.


11 comments on “the difference between how men and women see themselves

  1. Very true. One reason we men prefer a woman with a little meat is because we’re hungry.

  2. Abby says:

    At 16, I was in a very awkward-looking stage complete with glasses, orthodontia, acne, and a little-kid face. I can laugh about it now so when I came across my first driver’s license from 14 years ago, I showed it to my boyfriend. He was astonished and thought it looked nothing like me. He showed me photos of himself during awkward college years and we laughed at how we used to look. I didn’t tell him that sometimes I still look in the mirror and see the 16-year-old me.

    • NS says:

      I was exactly the same as you at 16, and now at 47 still see myself the same way. The difference being that when my husband saw my ugly duckling photo he said ” you were beautiful. I would’ve asked you out.” I replied, well it’s not look I would’ve had to squeeze you in between dates. LOL

  3. EVERY mirror is a fun house mirror.

  4. Daveinjax says:

    I really agree with #1. Size 8 plus for me! A size 10 to 14 is perfect to me.

  5. bethagrace says:

    My senior year of college, we had beauty week, which came with the challenge of covering our mirrors all week and realize how little looks matter, yada, yada, yada. Here’s what I realized:

    I look at the mirror, like, all the time, but not to pick at myself. It’s almost always to check myself out, flash a smile, think, “Who wouldn’t want to date this?” Instead of some epiphany about how happy and comfortable I can be without looking in the mirror all the time, I just realized that I’m really, really vain.

    That being said, I don’t know the answer, but I think the confidence thing has to do in large part with how we judge each other. Think of all the pretty girls you’ve seen with odd- or ugly-looking guys. Now think about how often you’ve seen the reverse. Guys can talk all day long about how they don’t *really* care what we look like, but we all see who they’re dating.

  6. jrob says:

    I don’t know, real men like real women. There something to be said for having enough to wrap your arms around, especially if you have long arms.

  7. Too Many Mind says:

    i’m like a woman. for a number of stereotypical personality traits, I’m a feeler. looking in a mirror, i see all the flaws and dwell there… then surprised when women are turned on when my shrit comes off. or surprised when she likes me back when i did that goofy thing. if you have a lot of value, but you rarely recognize it, how do you start? i can with words, but can never get my heart to agree. i fake it well, but deep in there i’m an insecure self-sabataging dude who has never reached his potential. please advise.

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