Good Friday

today is Good Friday.  i will be heading to Walmart to buy chocolate Easter bunnies, solid, thankyouverymuch, Peeps, eggs, coloring, basket fillers that will surely cost me hundreds of dollars in future dental bills.  namely Starburst Jelly Beans.  if you haven’t experienced these, they are delicious.

those of you who have been around a while know that i rarely make posts about issues of faith.  my beliefs are not something i’m ashamed of or try to hide, they are just not the focus of what i do here.

for all the plastic grass i will be picking out of my teeth because i dove face first into my kids’ baskets, this weekend is significant for me in many ways.  family.  reflection.  the culmination of the foundational values of the belief system on which i base my entire being.  you know, the little things.

i know not everyone who reads this blog shares my same faith.  that is fine with me.  i am actually rather pleased by it.  so here’s my proposal this weekend (aside from not eating yourself sick on Cadbury Eggs)…

romantic relationships or the desire for one can consume our thoughts and actions to exclusion of all else; so can depression, finances, broken families, addiction, work or lack there of…the list is as vast as the population of humanity because we all feel alone in our stress and pain. 

take this weekend, no matter what your beliefs, and reflect on those things in your life that keep you going, the things that are right, the things that actually matter.  surround yourself with people who only bring you joy, who support you.  because no matter how isolated you feel, there is always someone just waiting to be let in long enough to love you.  they are close and they see you.

you are not alone.

Happy Easter.


4 comments on “Good Friday

  1. I’m right there with you, Sharideth. Regardless of one’s beliefs, I think this weekend is a great opportunity to reflect on the life that we have and to seek ways to make that better. And often that is found in making life better for someone else.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter! Good words 🙂

  3. melonie says:

    Love your blog. Hope Walmart isn’t all out cause k-mart didn’t have the basket bags I wanted. Anywho, I do share your faith and,will be reflecting on what this weekend means. And maybe “sampling” my kids baskets;) Have a Good Easter!

  4. Excellent post and thank you for the message you convey here.

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

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