terrible analogy day

Jeanette Lee
aka The Black Widow
aka Who I Want To Be When I Grow Up

i apologize in advance for this post.  my computer is down for the week, so i have to use my kids’ iMac.  great comp, disgusting keyboard.  posts this week will be short, because i can only stand this clearly funk infested keyboard for so long.  yes, i cleaned it, but my fingers still feel violated.

story time!

about a week ago Craig and i went to shoot pool…

good lord, sharideth, we know you guys shoot pool.  stop talking about it.

shut up.  i have a point.  this time.

we get out of the car and he grabs his pool cue case out of the back seat like he always does.  he hands it to me and asks me to carry it in while he was grabbing something else from the car.  i head into the bar and put his cue on the table.  i sit and wait for him to grab his case and put his cue together. 

only the case is still on the table and he’s already got his cue in his hand.

i was confused.

and really slow to catch on.

he had tricked me into carrying my very own, brand-spanking new, totally awesome, even if slightly-canadian, pool cue into the bar.  the sneaky SOB.

and there was a collective cyber “ahhhh” heard on nearly every continent.

yeah, boys.  that’s how you give a gift.

but that’s not my point or the terrible analogy.

oh yes, it’s going to get worse.

i decided since i have a new pool cue, i would show my game and my cue the respect they deserve and improve my form.  i’m a very sloppy player.  Craig said my execution was so awkward, he was always surprised when i made a shot.  pretty much, i was just getting lucky a lot.

so i began to practice by myself.  playing pool alone is bo-ring.  i forced myself to take every shot with proper position and am still working on it.

let me tell you, it hurts.  my shoulder was really grumpy with me at first, but is now settling into the new routine and kind of liking it.

do you see the terrible analogy coming yet?



in order for my game to get better, i had to put in some hard work that wasn’t exactly painless. 

it’s the same with relationships.

starting to follow now?  yeah, i told you it would be bad.

sometimes there’s something you’re being lazy about or taking for granted or making awkward.  and out of respect for the relationship, you’ve got to change your form.  do some hard work on your own and be brutally honest about what your faults are.  sometimes those things are obvious.  for me, i had to stop laying on the table for every shot.  literally.  for you, maybe you spend so much time focused on yourself, there isn’t really room for the needs of someone else.  it could really be anything.


whether you’re in a relationship or not, pick one thing your know you need work on and spend some time working on breaking the habit.

obviously some things will taken longer than others, so feel free to start small and work your way up to the harder stuff.

this ended up not being short at all, didn’t it?

my fingers will need to be bleached.  i’m pretty sure i’m coming down with SARS.

if there were one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?  yes, that’s personal.  sue me.

be honest.  on a scale from abysmal to sharideth-should-never-use-the-word-analogy-again-let-alone-try-to-make-one, how bad was this?


7 comments on “terrible analogy day

  1. jennw2ns says:

    Blogosphere (and Women’s Bible Study at my church) knows I don’t mind getting personal, but if it entails getting personal about somebody else, on the internet, I try not to go there. So: my personal habit I’m trying to work on is that one that could detrimentally hurt someone else.

    Now that I’ve told you absolutely nothing:

    You might be fishing, but I still think it’s a good analogy, and an a propos post, as usual. Nice one, Sharideth.

  2. G Fresh says:

    Geez, only one thing? There’s so much to choose from, I don’t know if I could pick just one…which probably means I should be less critical of myself, the challenge being I have no idea how to achieve that…

    Not the worst analogy ever, but I might have gone with a more universal subject than pool to talk about working hard and making sacrifices to get better at, like maybe rhythmic gymnastics or underwater basket weaving. 🙂

  3. Your analogy feels like my left shoe. But I like your point. I need to follow through more in what I want. Do we even have to make SMART goals out of them or will you believe I’ll spend some time on this?
    Reading this last sentence and pairing it with the goal I wrote down, I see this question pretty much answers itself. I’ll want to have three interviews with old people done before the end of March.
    Also, if this homework thing becomes regular, you’d better start giving out grades as well.

  4. Regan says:

    Probably that I would stop being a know-it-all and start being a down-to-earth person who listens to the opinions and concerns of others. Now that I’ve admitted to being a jerk, can I have chocolate? Thanks.

  5. Regan says:

    Oh, and analogies don’t have to be perfect to work. Yours works; therefore, goal accomplished.

  6. First, I kinda want a pool cue of my own to carry around town. And I don’t play.

    Second, I KNOW I need to be more willing to needy. Does that sound weird? I can be TOO independent and not even let a guy feel needed. I must be more codependent. Without the clingy.

  7. bethagrace says:

    Well, picking one is hard, but I’ll go with the one that I pray about most often: I want to be gentle. Generally, I excuse my boisterous, aggressive characteristics as “just my personality.” And yet, I’ve yet to find a point where the Bible says to be gentle “unless, baby, you weren’t born that way.”

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