twitter twaddle: #ThingsThatPissGirlsOff

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Twitter is always offering quality wisdom and insight into the human psyche.  hashtags being the great equalizer.

if you believe that, i can’t help you.

#ThingsThatPissGirlsOff Almost Everything. – who have you been dating?

#ThingsThatPissGirlsOff One word texts. Enough said. – clearly not.

#thingsthatpissgirlsoff …well if you don’t know I’m not going to tell you!!! – are you going to hold your breath, too?  please?

#ThingsThatPissGirlsOff wasting a great outfit on a stupid, boring night when you see absolutely no one. – how shallow. oh wait, that really does suck.

#thingsthatpissgirlsoff when they’ve read the message but take 4 hours to reply.. – because there couldn’t possibly be anything more important happening than responding to your 8000th text that day.

#thingsthatpissgirlsoff The inevitability of periodic economic collapse within the capitalist model. – only if it directly effects the ability of a woman to buy shoes.

#ThingsThatPissGirlsOff when the wind blows there hair onto their lips while wearin lip gloss – somebody has sisters and has heard this complaint A LOT.

#ThingsThatPissGirlsOff when you compare them to someone else. – that’s just dangerous.

#ThingsThatPissGirlsOff …every other girl in the world who their boyfriend finds remotely attractive. – note to world: do not date this girl.

#thingsthatpissgirlsoff tell her she got fat F-A-T she filled with lipids and fatty amino acids and she smell like bacon 24/7 – yep.  that would do it.  and excellent use of scientific terms.  once she figures out what they mean, you’re dead.

hold your moldy fruit.  yes, i know my readers know what lipids and fatty amino acids are.  the girl he would say this to, probably doesn’t.  otherwise she’s never allow him close enough to her to ever get off a shot like that.  calm down.

what are some other things that piss girls off?

what pisses you off?


19 comments on “twitter twaddle: #ThingsThatPissGirlsOff

  1. Bethany says:

    Guys (and girls) who complain about the police officer who legitimately pulled them over for speeding–and don’t change anything about their driving anyway. Who do you think comes across as more manly? The guy who’s too childish to obey the law, or the rugged individual protecting me from your vehicular insanity?

  2. kp says:

    How are there not already a million replies?!

    I get pissed off when people aren’t courteous to other people.

    I get pissed if people tip below 15% and the service was good. I normally tip 20%, or more.

    I get pissed off when people like Nickelback.

    I get pissed off when there’s a 25 year reunion of Star Trek the Next Generation, and they are touring with a lot of conventions, but there’s not a single one that has Picard, Riker, LaForge, Data, Wesley Crusher, Q, AND Worf at them. Only variations thereof. Now I have to figure out if I want to go to Calgary to see Wil Wheaton, but miss out on John de Lancie…or if I go to Vegas, and don’t get Wil Wheaton, or Patrick Stewart, but I gain William Shatner.

    Seriously. Life is hard, guys.

  3. G Fresh says:

    Slow walking wide-bodies who always seem to shamble two or three abreast and plague every store aisle and office hallway in existence.

    Totally agree with kp on the Nickelback one.

    That “Firefly” didn’t even get one complete season.

    Gift cards/certificates. Like Mitch Hedberg said, “I think a gift certificate is a bad gift. What’s a gift certificate? You take money that was good everywhere…”

  4. Drivers who impatiently creep forward at a red light but are slow to react when the light turns green. The inconsistency bothers me.

  5. G Fresh says:

    I thought of another one; chain Facebook statuses (If you know someone who has rubella or has beaten rubella, etc.) and the people who try to guilt you into copying and pasting it on to your status (I bet only 3% of you will repost this, but prove me wrong…).

  6. Enjoyed your post, but what pisses me off is the whole idea of wasting time on Twitter! Even just the word “tweeting” meaning a form of communication between human beings is irritating to me. Cummon people – this whole business of “being ridiculous is cool” just isn’t… and has gone too far. It’s not cool – it’s just ridiculous and not in a good way. But hey, that’s just my opinion, and who am I to judge? If it really makes you happy, then go right ahead and twitter your lives away.

  7. Jenn says:

    1. People who block the door of the bus and kids who sit in the courtesy seats.
    2. People who loudly curse and excessively – sure I am not perfect but I am aware that the majority of the time when I’m in public that it is not appropriate.
    3. People who refuse to follow instructions.

  8. asoulwalker says:

    People’s hatred of Nickelback is amusing.

  9. jennw2ns says:

    When people use “there” when they mean “their.” (See 7th tweet down.)

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