Just One

last night Craig and i went to shoot some pool for Balentimes* Day.  the bar tender came around and handed out candy hearts.  i pulled one that said, “Just One”.

Just One?  what does that even mean.  she and i talked about it for a minute then gave up.

so i’m throwing it out there to you, my minions.

let’s get philosophical up in here!  what do you think it means?

p.s.  i chatted with a guy at the bar for a second and the bartender told him i’m a writer.  he asked what i write, so i told him the name of the blog and what it’s about.  his response?  “that’s a terrible title.  how do you get away with being so sexist?  i’m from New Hampshire and in journalism, soo…”

so you’re a judgmental asshat?  whatevs.  i’m oddly proud of the whole exchange.

*this is what Craig calls Valentine’s Day.

p.p.s.s.p.$.:P don’t forget to caption this if you haven’t already.


11 comments on “Just One

  1. irving says:

    Maybe that your heart belongs to ‘just one’ person? or that you just get the one piece of heart candy and that you shouldnt even bother asking for another. Also i lol’d hard at the Ron Paul heart candy in the pic.

  2. W. R. Woolf says:

    It’s one of those sweets where you’re just going to take one, “Just one”. And then your arm betrays you and you take a couple of handfuls 😉
    love the hearts ❤ <- (this is an ice cream cone)

  3. Jeremy says:

    I think it means whatever someone wants it to mean. You could hand it to your Valentine and when she says “One what?” you can say “One kiss” or anything else you can think of. It can be even worse if you’re going for perve of the month, but I’ll let you figure that out.

  4. Jessica says:

    “just one” … because if you take more than one, your posterior may be too big to have a Valentine next February.

  5. RFL says:

    A challenge from Lays and reminder about the evil of greasy potato chips?

  6. Just one of those disgusting chalky hearts is all that’s needed to effectively neutralize stomach acid, plus get a full daily supply of calcium….

  7. Since you were in a bar, this might be a relevant definition of One:


  8. That one wasn’t for you. I have sent my angry email to the candy heart company. I’m sorry for the mix up.

  9. Jenn says:

    Sexist? Really? I think we’re all lovely around here – we want the best for both genders and yes maybe a long the way we laugh at not at all best moments – but that’s still pretty equal

  10. rkc says:

    Just one more drink; the last two words were implied!

  11. asoulwalker says:

    Ron Paul… single greatest valentine’s mint ever…

    Ass Hat– I don’t doubt it, I’m from New England… It is incredible how seriously they take themselves and how they believe their own… well, you know.

    Just One– that truly is baffling. I choose to believe that it means “Just One Ride on a Zamboni is all it will take for us to fall in love with each other…”

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