twitter twaddle: #IfYouCheatOnMe


cheating isn’t funny.  but people talking about it on twitter is.

#IfYouCheatOnMe, you’d better run faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo. – @HarryPotterThings

#IfYouCheatOnMe Whyy Would Yuu Try To Get Back With Mehh’? Apparently Ii Wasn’t Good Enough The First Time, – if grammar issues could drive someone to cheat…

#IfYouCheatOnMe I’ll stitch your Vag and force you to drink water – right thought.  wrong execution.

#IfYouCheatOnMe I’ll scissor kick you in the throat and judo chop you in your vjayjay *Kanye Shrug* – is it wrong that i kind of hope she cheats on him just to watch that happen?

#IfYouCheatOnMe oh wait… im single – good catch.

#IfYouCheatOnMe on accident, ima leave you on purpose. – good call.

#IfYouCheatOnMe Im gon put some bird dookie in your cheerios. – creative, disgusting and funny.  can we be friends?

#IfYouCheatOnMe that’s TWO bodies that will never be found… – such violence.

#IfYouCheatOnMe I’ll be forced to hang out with my other girlfriend. – is she the one with the sores?

#IfYouCheatOnMe i lose respect for you as a person. just have the decency to break up with me or tell me, instead of making me look foolish. – hahahahahaahahah!  omglolz!  oh wait, yeah, that’s the right answer.

what would your response be if you were ever cheated on?

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7 comments on “twitter twaddle: #IfYouCheatOnMe

  1. Take it out on anyone who would try dating me after that. Either that, or I’d be drowning in self pity, hug my knees and never love again.

  2. twoplustwo08 says:

    My first reaction was go crazy. Literally. For about two weeks, stopped eating, barely took care of my kids, (not one of my proudest moments mind you, but their physical needs were met) did everything I could think of to ‘keep’ him, cried pretty much nonstop until he returned home from work,obsessed over her, stalked her on facebook. And then I took me and my kids out of the situation, with the urging of my sister and mom. It’s been two months, and we are back together, trying to work things out. It’s not easy, and normal is still a long way off, but I am better, we are better, and the kids are well-taken care of.

  3. Francesca Sage says:

    uh. Goodbye, and I’m going to go get myself tested. What else do you say? Nothing is going to make that better. Maybe some small-scale violence. Probably just goodbye though.

  4. Bethany says:

    Become a nun. I’m fragile.

  5. #IfYouCheatOnMe I will blog about you every time you try to get me back after I kicked your ass to the curb. Then I will post it on my personal facebook for your new woman and all our mutual friends to see.. Oh wait, I did that yesterday.

  6. Regan says:

    If I wasn’t married to the cheater, it would be an immediate goodbye, see you later, don’t call me, I won’t call you. If we were married, I would try to work it out because I value marriage. But I hope to goodness that never happens to me because I don’t know if I could recover from something like that.

  7. Jenn says:

    I burned his stuff – yes you heard me, and I took pictures. Oddly the burning was only after I found the box of his stuff in my closet years after the fact and was so angry at it all that my then awesome guy friend (who had stuck himself in the friend zone) convinced me I should burn it.

    As an aside awesome guy friend is still a friend but he hauled himself out of the friend zone by finding a better lady for himself.

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