top 10 odd, yet awesome Valentine’s Day gifts

so i’ve done the “top 10 best Valentine’s Day gifts” and the “top 10 bad Valentine’s Day gifts”.  time for the weird and the fun in no particular order.

some are for dudes and some are for chicks and some are just suh-weet!

p.s.  you can click on the pics and they’ll take straight to the page to buy them.  you are welcome.

top 10 odd, yet awesome Valentine’s Day gift

1.  Double Rainbow Maker – WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?

2.  Bar Chem Shaker Set – nerdy and delicious and boozy.  trifecta!

3.  Braille Mug – blind people need love and coffee, too.  so do people who sit in the dark.

4.  Gourmet Marshmellows – i actually know the girl who makes these.  good lord, so amazing.

5. Portable Hammock – ummm, portable hammock. duh.

6.  Brown Bear Wall Mounted Bottle Opener – the pride of his man cave until you get married and make him take it down.

7.  Custom Converse – give a gift certificate or design them yourself.  either way, fan-freaking-tastic.

8.  The Ex Voodoo Knife Set – best way to get stabby without actually committing a felony.  also comes in red and black.

9.  Picnic Basket for 2 – give this one an upgrade by ordering gourmet take out and a nice bottle of wine.

10.  Hockey Tickets – has anyone not had fun at a hockey game?  no.  that’s right.

i know, i know.  you don’t have to say it.  i’m really good at this.

any other ideas?


16 comments on “top 10 odd, yet awesome Valentine’s Day gifts

  1. G Fresh says:

    Pretty much anything off of here would be awesome.

  2. Donna says:

    I’m salivating over that picnic basket. It is *so* us (me and my hubs). We’re strapped for money right now though and I’m worried it’s not a smart choice for us, considering the circumstances :-\ Guess I need to bookmark it for later. Thanks for the tip though!

  3. Jason says:

    Not sure the Ex Voodoo knife set is something I want to give my valentine… unless I am just the rebound that is taking advantage of the hate for the ex as fuel for infatuation for me…

  4. Jakz says:

    I can just see that mug being given with a confusing message about love being blind…

  5. Hockey tickets: because it’s MUCH more fun to watch other people fight.

    Seriously, though, hockey tickets are ALWAYS okay by me.

  6. I love your justification for the portable hammock! “Umm… portable hammock. Duh.” I CONCUR!

  7. Jenn says:

    The hockey tickets are an awesome idea, which reminds me I need to re-stake my claim in the pair on my Dad’s fridge…

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