twitter twaddle: #whenimalone

oh people on twitter…you are so funnyridiculousfrighteningdumb.  that’s a word.  i’m pretty sure.  Wikipedia is down today, so i can’t check.  click on that oddly murderous bird above and follow me.  if you dare.  not on twitter?  sign up for an account and only follow me.  i love me a good stalker.  here we go…

#WhenImAlone I sing Glee songs at the top of my voice. I regret nothing. – you do know there is only one, maybe two Glee songs, right?  everything else is Journey and Lady Gaga.

#WhenImAlone I remember that @ladygaga will always stay with me ♥. – do you also remember she doesn’t know you exist?

#whenimalone the voices start…….. – do yours sound like Andy Rooney, too?!?

#WhenImAlone expectations: huge party! Reality: pee with the door open. – hahahahahaha!  you poor thing.  *sigh*  me, too….

#WhenImAlone i’m constantly checking to see if ducks are watching me because i have Anatidaephobia. – good thing you got that one in before Wikipedia went dark.

#WhenImAlone...wait who am I kidding? I’m too pretty to ever be alone.  #prettygirlproblems  – oh, you’re alone.  you just don’t know it.

#WhenImAlone, I reenact arguments the way they should have gone. – i do that before i have an argument.  i consider it sparing with myself.  i always lose.

#WhenImAlone i’m feeling like an astronaut. – i don’t know what this means, but i’m in.

#WhenImAlone, I like to cover myself in Vaseline and pretend to be a slug. – you, too?!?

what do you do when you’re alone?


3 comments on “twitter twaddle: #whenimalone

  1. #whenimalone I go on twitter and make other people wish I weren’t alone!

    Also, two enthusiastic thumbs up to the Glee comment. Every time somebody improperly attributes a song to Glee, somewhere in the world a songwriter dies of sadness.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I just talk to myself more when I’m alone. Yes, I said “more”.

  3. Regan says:

    When I’m alone, I sleep late. It’s crazy I know. The world’s only passing me by. I guess that is why I’m telling you now.

    Oh, sorry, I got distracted by this Brandon Heath song. 🙂

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