single white feline

you’re welcome.


6 comments on “single white feline

  1. Jennifer C says:

    Well, that clears things up.

  2. Lauren Jean says:

    But I don’t own a cat…

  3. I once dated a girl for a little while with a cat that was very clingy. Whenever the girl went to sleep, the cat would come up to me and bite me. If we were sitting together, the cat would whine until the girl would give him some attention. I would wake up with the cat on my head. Now I can explain a lot of texts she sent me.

  4. asoulwalker says:

    The purring is just so soothing.

  5. Now it all makes sense.

  6. Reblogged this on wild geese that fly and commented:
    Now it all makes perfect sense.

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