remote controls for men and women

thank you so much,

if you had a remote control that could do anything, what would it do?


3 comments on “remote controls for men and women

  1. Hmmm. Are we sure the Control-A-Woman remote wouldn’t at least include the “Hurry Up” button for getting ready to go somewhere, and the Remove Clothes and Sex buttons?

  2. Rachel says:

    Since I am single, I’d have one for myself that can put me instantly to sleep, take away anxiety, give me energy and patience, stop the thoughts in my head from running rampant, and zap away others’ negativity and road rage and put smiles on their faces.

  3. asoulwalker says:

    My mother collected wooden tavern signs when I was a child (the ones that hang and swing in the wind during storms). There was one called “The Silent Woman” (I don’t know where this tavern was). It had a picture of a woman wearing a dress on it. She had no head. I still think it is extra funny because my mother liked it.

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