what your generosity has done…

the blog set out to adopt a single mom with 5 kids for Christmas.  and i made a terrible mistake.  she has 6 kids.  but you guys covered us.

you raised $665.  $65 over the goal of $600.  everyone got Christmas.

i am so overwhelmed with your generosity, i’m kind of speechless.  and for those of you who have been here for more than 6 minutes, you know that just doesn’t happen.

here’s the family:

and here’s the pile of presents we were able to give them:

a most sincere thank you to the following people for your generous donations:

Matt Gates and Parents

Rebecca Sarkar

Rebekah Favelle

Stacy Kennedy

Brent Baker

Paul Noe

Jeremy Atkins

Jared Hollier

Dale Stubblefield

Jamie Golden

Sonny and Sharron Bundy

those in italics gave $100 or more, but everyone who gave blew my mind with their willingness to help total strangers at a time when most of us are short on cash.

i am so blessed to be able to interact with all of you.  thank you for everything.



3 comments on “what your generosity has done…

  1. Dena G says:

    I love it when I see people being the hands and feet of Jesus!

    I’m privileged to be part of a similar “adoption” here in my hometown…a 7th & 8th grade girls Bible study group, led by a woman in my church, decided to “adopt” a girl & boy from their school & give them a few gifts.

    Our (very small) church was asked to partner with the girls & help them bless not only the two students, but their families as well. We obtained clothing/shoe sizes & wrote individual needs/wants on index cards for people to take last Sunday after church. What started out as a table FULL of cards ended with 4 left & those have been distributed to other people who want to be part of the blessing. The girls are wrapping gifts next week and will take them to the families…what a great group of kids!

  2. jennw2ns says:

    That is SO AWESOME!

    Also–shout out to Rebecca Sarkar! I suspect I know her, because how many generous Rebecca Sarkar’s can there be in the world, right?

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