many of us have so much

i know Thanksgiving has been over for almost 2 weeks, but i’m just now starting to feel like the gravy is leaving my veins.  for days i felt like Violet Bearegaurde after she blew up like a blueberry. 

yet i’m still thankful for being able to stuff myself until i was sick.

some people aren’t so lucky.

oh no, sharideth!  what are you about to do?!?!

i’m about to tell you about my crazy lunatic of a friend, Jiffy.  what the heck kind of name is Jiffy?  i don’t know.  you’d just have to know her.  it fits.  anyway, Jiffy is an in-home counselor for an organization called Camelot Care Centers.  she works with inner-city kids who quite literally have nothing and come from devastating situations most of us will never experience.  she goes out of her way to give the kids she works with a fighting chance at a better life.  last year she spent $1000 out of her own pocket to provide Christmas for them and she’s not above bending the rules to get a child what he or she needs.  “omg, i’ve been written up so many times, but i also make the judges laugh.  some of them…” – Jiffy

now can you see why we’re friends?

for Christmas, the kids Jiffy works with ask for things like shoes and coats and underwear.

Matt Gates and i have adopted a teen mom and her infant daughter for Christmas, but thought maybe we could do more with your help.

AWGTW wants to provide Christmas for a family of 6.  a single mom, 3 daughters (4, 5 & 7) and 2 sons (9 & 14).  we’d like to raise $600 to give them a truly blessed Christmas.  a hundred bucks a person isn’t much when they have nothing and need everything.

i was going to set up an account through Paypal for donations, but this story about Regretsy freaked me right out.

so i went through WePay.comthey are awesome and reasonable and my live chat with Jackie was a pleasure.

the plan is to take every dime of your donations and go shopping with Jiffy to buy presents for this needy family.  i will happily post pictures of our shopping trip and wrapping session.  for privacy purposes, i cannot take pics of the family or even reveal their names unless i want the family services division of the government raining down on my nether regions.

it’s a lot to ask of you.  but if i can’t use the voice you guys have given me to occasionally make a difference, i’m just not doing it right.

so here’s how it’s going to go:

1.  go to A Woman’s Guide to Women Giving Fund and donate to Christmas for Family of 6.  no need to sign up for your own account with WePay.  in fact, a friend of mine says it’s best if you don’t until after you make your donation or the money could get put on hold.  weird, but apparently true.

2.  come back and comment with “i’m in!”

easy.  done.

even the smallest amounts will be appreciated.  it’s one family that we can give a little taste of hope to for Christmas.

all of you who give will be announced here on the blog (unless you ask me not to), but i will keep your gift amount private.

i will be accepting money until December 14th.

you guys are the bestest in the whole blog-o-sphere.

if you’re a blogger and want to help us with our goal, tweet this, post a link on your blog or whatever you deem most effective.


Click and Give


13 comments on “many of us have so much

  1. […] weepy, Sally Struthers feed-the-children mode, but I will ask you to go over to my good friend Sharideth Smith’s blog and check out what she and I are doing to help a needy family this Christmas season and ask you to […]

  2. G Fresh says:

    I’m in (after the Christmas money from my parents gets here). 🙂

  3. Jiffy Dahlgren says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to shop and wrap!

  4. Jamie says:

    I’m in. 🙂 Excellent work on using your celebrity for good. May the Kardashians take note.

  5. […] you could please send some of your elves HERE to donate some money to help out this need Nashville family, that would be […]

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