well, i, uh…

after yesterday’s post where every guy who commented disagreed with me (i’m so stoked about that btw, for reals), i was going to write a blog that totally knocked it out of the park and blew your mind so hard, you’d be cleaning gray matter off your wall for days.

i had a genius idea and the clever words were creating a traffic jam of awesome in my brain.

then i saw this on TV and all ability to think left me entirely.  i am so….

i mean, i just…

i wish i could….

words.  can’t…find…words…

you’re welcome?

have you ever…?


30 comments on “well, i, uh…

  1. I’d like to reply, but I’m crying in a corner with my arms wrapped around my knees, rocking myself to sleep.

  2. Jared says:

    So…is “The Swedish Diet” the female version of “The Lonely Island”? Because, this isn’t real…right? I’m so confused. Drink water? Wedgies? CVS?

  3. Sarah Beth says:

    1. I want to throw up.

    2. I’m thoroughly ashamed to be part Swedish.

    • jennw2ns says:

      Heh. Ditto!

      Possibly even more disturbing is that I’m 95% certain I went to high school with one of those blondes. For real. (She wasn’t blonde in high school.)

  4. If the Swedish Diet involves losing weight through persistent nausea caused by the commercial, it’s absolutely the most effective diet ever created.

    Also: why isn’t the Swedish Diet available at Ikea?

  5. There simply are no words… I just… I mean… I can’t… You… *phft*

  6. heather joy says:

    my mind hurts…

  7. Jakz says:

    why? I mean… why?! ugh. I really want to unsee that.

  8. I…I don’t even know how to respond to this.

    And is it bad that, as a former dancer, I want to stab the eyes out of the chick in the front who keeps blocking the short-haired-wig-wearing girl?

    WHY are they all wearing wigs?!!

    I don’t know if I love or hate you right now.

  9. What this post has truly taught me is that you can be slightly innoculated against really terrible pseudo-Swedish commercials by having been previously exposed to Swedish Disco Romance music.

  10. Ed Blonski says:

    There is one minute of my life I’ll never get back.

    Thank you very little.

  11. This reminded me of some Japanese commercials that I had forgotten. I shall not link since that’ll insert video thumbnails in the comments, I shall merely say to put “Pretz” into Youtube’s search. There are Heian princesses, Sumo man-mammaries, pleated skirts, and dancing scientists.

    Skip the ones with the wooden castle on the thumbnail, those are a music group of the same name.

  12. asoulwalker says:

    So delightful. Too bad about all the taxes over there.

  13. 9 bottles at home and 3 heart attacks to prove it’s potency.

  14. Chris says:

    I certainly hope that the traffic jam of awesome is not lost forever!

  15. Larry Hehn says:

    Sorry, but I prefer the Swedish Chef.

  16. Jessica says:

    Uh… well… hmm.

    I guess I can look on the bright side and say, at least at the end when they are in their bikinis they don’t look like starving models…

    And what the heck was that about wedgies?

  17. Lynne says:

    That’s not nearly as horrifying as this particular commercial for Summer’s Eve:

  18. women guide says:

    just what I was looking for.Thanks to the author for taking his time on this one.

  19. *peers at women guide* The spammers can’t even get your gender right, Sharideth 😦

  20. beckycastlemiller says:

    I, for one, am thoroughly disappointed that the Swedish diet does not consist of Swedish Fish.

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