so i wrote a guest post about sex…

it’s been a while in the making and since i don’t talk a lot about sex here, i totally went for it over at Tamara Out Loud.  Tamara is funny and wise and completely off the rails.  all reasons why i adore her.

she let me talk about marital relations and me being me, use some colorful language.

head over and have a read.  Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

but before you go…

did anybody do their homework?

let me know in the comments if you noticed any of the “ants to grape jelly” points from friday’s post.


4 comments on “so i wrote a guest post about sex…

  1. Jason says:

    Well, noticed that the Pastor’s single daughter… the one that he keeps trying to find a man for… the one who, while at a crowded table at a pastor’s conference he asked the guy across from him if he was single because he had a single daughter, bringing the whole table’s conversation to a halt in awkward silence… I noticed that she has a coat with pink on it Friday night when we had our coffee house concert thing. And, no, I don’t think she read the blog posting or watched the video.

    (Being a married man, I did not check to see if the other two conditions were met…)

  2. G Fresh says:

    Well, seeing as how pretty much the only time I’m in a bar is when I’m hanging out with you and Craig I did not get the chance to check it out. Next time I’m out though, I totally will.

  3. Jenn says:

    Well as covered in the comments on the last post – I did three of the three – I wore my pink coat into the pub – though it’s fuchsia pink, no baby pink – that doesn’t work on my pale skin, sat at the corner/end of the table and had on some fragrance with vanilla in it (Cleopatra by Tocca if I must be detailed) and I did get a beer purchase offer but that sort of went downhill etc. But here’s my complaint – have Facebook dear men. Why? Because I cannot for the life of me remember his name and I am going to look like an ass on Tuesday when I run into him – because it is guaranteed even though I haven’t seen him around, he claims he’s in all my classes. I don’t need to add you as a friend, I just need to do some research…

  4. Regan says:

    I did not go to a bar, did not wear food-flavored perfume (since I don’t have any), but wore pink. And did get hit on, oddly enough. Maybe it’s true?

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