Halloween date ideas

lions and tigers and sluts, OH MY!!!  it’s that time of year again when girls have free reign to let their inner stripper fly and guys get to drool on their over-priced and highly flammable Green Lantern costumes. 


i could list date ideas like haunted house, corn maze, murder mystery home party…blah blah boring blah.  all of that stuff you can come up with on your own.

so i give you….

Sharideth’s Highly Unlikely Yet Totally Terrifying Halloween of Horrors

1.  hire Gordon Ramsey to jump out and scream at you 4 to 5 times during the course of the evening.

2.  go to the DMV.  last day of the month at the Department of Motor Vehicles?  terrifying.

3.  eat whatever is in the back of your fridge on the bottom shelf.

4.  host a Mary Kay party.  (okay, maybe that’s just my own nightmare)

5.  play one round of poker.  whoever loses has to lick the inside of a bathroom stall at 7-Eleven.

6.  screw the haunted house.  take your date to your Great Aunt Irma’s house of photo albums and creepy old dolls.

7.  hang out with Lindsay Lohan.

8.  set up a Slip N Slide with pigs blood.

9.  sign up for an embalming class.

10.  play laser tag with real guns.

your turn.

good ideas?

bad ideas?

unlikely ideas?

let’s hear them all.


9 comments on “Halloween date ideas

  1. El Guapo says:

    Can we combine Take an Embalming class with a Taxidermy lesson?

  2. Brian says:

    Back in the day, one of the jokes my friends and I had was that we were going to throw a Mary Kate and Ashley party when they turned 18.

    I’m going to a pumpkin carving contest. My pumpkin is going to have a U2 or a Hanson theme.

  3. Jenn says:

    How about a “hunt the wolf spiders in my basement suite” evening, shows you’re the kind of man I can marry.

  4. coupletastic says:

    Love this! I share the same MaryKay party nightmare and raise you one of my own personal nightmares….the co-ed bridal shower…

    Great blog!

  5. Kristen says:

    Go to your brother’s “CEO’s and Corporate Hoe’s” themed party.
    Oh wait, that’s a real thing.

    Gordon Ramsey made me think of my own…have Dave Ramsey assess how I’m handling my grad. school financing situation

  6. Jakz says:

    #4 is by far the most frightening. Especially if you can find the MK dealer my mother-in-law had host a party in her home. She had excessively hairy hands…man-hands. I still have nightmares.

  7. G Fresh says:

    Bob for Rocky Mountain oysters.

    The Haunted Tour Bus ride with your driver, Billy Joel.

    Carve a Jack-o-lantern out of a Durian.

  8. Mandie Marie says:

    My mother’s best friend is a Mary Kay consultant. And is also the most terrifying person I know. So there you go.

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