feel better about yourself Friday

feeling undatable?  here you go:

feel better yet?

Halloween is coming.  i’ve almost been convinced to go as Flo from the Progressive commercials.  people have been after me to do it for 2 years.  this might be the year.

what are you going as?

you’re not dressing up?  why do you hate fun so much?


22 comments on “feel better about yourself Friday

  1. Halloween? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll put on a ring and go as a married guy. (No. I won’t.)

    My brother bought me a keffiyeh in Iraq, so I might look like this on Halloween:

  2. I’ve grown up for the past 24 years on a pumpkin patch. I have a hard time with anything related to Halloween these days…

  3. Larry Hehn says:

    I just decided I’m going as Jeff.

  4. yearsareshort says:

    I shared this with my wife so that SHE could know that she could have done worse!

  5. Jenn says:

    I wanted to dress up this year and I had a costume but one of my grad classes has a dinner with your professor night that night – how convenient for a Christian grad school… I doubt my prof would be impressed with me wearing my raven costume to his house.

  6. G Fresh says:

    I have no idea what I’m dressing up as. I’m having that discussion over on my blog actually. You should totally go as Flo and Craig should maybe be “The Dude”?

  7. JBen says:

    Haha, I was just thinking this morning that my friend, Robin, should dress up like Flo from Progressive. Somehow I am having a hard time imagining you acting with her bubbly personality.

  8. Mandie Marie says:

    Three parties. Three themes. Three costumes.

    Party #1: Video game theme. Toadette.

    Party #2: “Things that are dead” theme. Since it would be way too soon to go as my failed relationship (and BELIEVE ME I’ve tossed around the idea all the while laughing hysterically at the inappropriateness of it all and at the shocked/horrified reactions I would get) I’m going as Bob Marley.

    Party #3: 80s theme. I’m doing something extra special for this one, but I’m not ruining any surprises.

  9. Regan says:

    I’m open to suggestions that don’t require me wearing a miniskirt and/or tights.

  10. Real life me will not be going as anything, because my family has never celebrated Halloween.

    Since Lord of the Rings Online is doing their fall festival quests right now, though, my online self will be potraying multiple dwarves, elves, hobbits, and men at various points in the coming week. I should probably play my hobbit minstrel during that time, because every fall festival should include a midget massacreing people with a harp.

  11. Wait, is BBQ Lou still single? How can we get in touch?

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