a guest post, some music and whatever


i have a guest post over at Badly Drawn Bible.  i didn’t actually draw anything.  you’re welcome.  but i did write a post about Terrible, Biblical Dating Advice.  it’s pretty epic.

here’s a blurb.  don’t be shocked by the capital letters.  i put on my grown up panties when i write for other people.

Dinah and Shechem – Genesis 34

Guy sees girl in a field. Girl looks pretty fine. Guy rapes girl. Guy asks girl’s father if he can marry her. Girl’s brothers get all homicidal. Guy gets circumcised and murdered.

Poorly played, my friend, poor-ly played.

As a rule, raping sets the wrong tone for romance.

however, it should not be confused with the post 4 Things Genesis Taught Me About Getting the Girl that Ben Emerson wrote as guest post here.  go ahead and read that one to compare notes though.

click here for my guest post.


whaaaaa?  sharideth, you don’t do that stuff here!  where’s the relationship advice?!?  where’s the funny?!?

calm down.  and see above.  between my guest post and twitter, you’ll survive.

until then…

a record was released last week.  it’s called Music Inspired by the Story.

hang on, before i finish this, i need coffee.  brb.





okay, back.  and armed with a blackberry mocha.  one perk of working at a coffee shop two days a week….

anyhoo, this record, Music Inspired by the Story, is a Christian record.  or records as the case may be since it’s a 2 disc set.  but it’s awesome.  CALM DOWN!!!!  geez, you people are jumpy today.  yes i used the words “Christian record” and “awesome” in the same sentence.  not something i do very often.  or ever, really.

it’s a compilation written in honor of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible this year and all the songs are written from the perspective of the Biblical characters and stories they represent.

here’s the link to my Amazon review (mine is the 3rd one down):

Music Inspired by the Story Review

feel free to click the Yes button on the “Was this review helpful to you?” question.  not to increase my rating, but to knock that number 1 guy out of the top spot because his review is waaaaaaaaaaaay too long and self serving.  yes, i’m a jerk.

and for the sake of full disclosure, my husband mixed 10 of the 18 songs.  does that make me biased?  well, you’d think.  but the reality is Craig mixes maybe 3 records a week and how often have i mentioned any of them here?  never?  okay.

buy it.  it truly is some of the best if not absolutely the best song writing CCM has ever released.

have a blessed day.


2 comments on “a guest post, some music and whatever

  1. Larry Hehn says:

    Holy crap. It would take me less time to listen to both CDs than to read that guy’s review. I gave you the thumbs up, Sharideth!

  2. Kristen says:

    bought the album last Friday & have been listening non-stop (also bought two copies the next day to give to friends) Seriously, so great! 🙂

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