dear AT&T commercial

how do i hate thee?  let me count he ways.

have you seen this one?

1.  why didn’t this guy get to watch the game?  adjustments have to be made for kids, sure.  but if the baby is napping, just don’t yell at the TV when Romo throws 3 interceptions to the Lions defensive line.

2.  why was it necessary to make this dude look so completely inept at changing a diaper?  most dad’s master this by diaper number 3.  so stupid.

3.  why is the wife such a bitch?  he’s clearly terrified of her wrath.  and this commercial makes it look as though that’s just the way it is.  that is not how the dynamic is suppose to work in a healthy relationship.  that chick is definitely itsneverenough girl.

does this commercial bother you as much as it bothers me?

do you think tv portrays the couples dynamic like this too often?

why is Tony Romo so popular?


32 comments on “dear AT&T commercial

  1. JBen says:

    I think this type of commercial is way too common. The basic story of it shows up in commercials, TV shows, and movies. Dumb husband and neurotic wife. It plays well on screen but I don’t think it is all that helpful.

    I used to say that if you were a guy you had two people you could hope to be if you watched TV, James Bond or Homer Simpson.

    • Julie says:

      And the way parents are portrayed on television on the Disney Channel is ridiculous. We’re lowering our standards in everything. The James Bond/Homer Simpson thing is gold, Ben.

  2. Julie says:

    Oh, come on, Sharideth. You know women are superior to men in every way. We have to have one that we can control and train to be exactly what we want them to be and do. All they’re good for is income and reproduction…

    At least that’s the message that has been drilled into my head growing up as a child of the 80s and 90s during the strong women movement. I’m all about women being strong, but I want a man to be stronger and be there to catch me when my strength is gone. I’m all about women fighting for our own way, but I would rather have a man fight for me. I was actually thinking about this subject for a while last night. Still thinking on it. Sorry. No more insights, but yes. This commercial bothers me a lot.

    Tony Romo? He’s popular ’cause he dated Carrie Underwood. And all the other teams like him ’cause he usually helps their cause. 😉

  3. dtdorrin says:

    This commercial is ridiculous. I also can’t stand their other spouse-bashing commercial, where the wife gets pissed b/c the husband signed them up for unlimited something-or-other and she says “I should’ve married John Clark”? [See it here ]

    The wife automatically assumes the husband is an idiot and she looks like a complete jack-wad. I get so tired of television (shows and commercials) displaying the worst and most inept caricatures of humanity, and then rewarding the people who are really like that with reality shows.

    I’ll stop here before I really get going…

  4. I dare not share says:

    Well I think it’s a cute commercial. It’s satire. He loves his baby but tries to look tough for all his guy friends. It’s a joke. I guess I’m just not that sensitive. In reality we all know couples like that.

    • i think i wouldn’t be so put out if this were an isolated thought or portrayal. but it’s not. it’s the norm now to cast men as idiots and the women as long suffering and clearly the reason everyone stays alive.


    Deep breath…


    Sadly, this is also the typical portrayal in far too many sitcoms: the guy is an oblivious selfish moron and the woman is the capable one who somehow manages to keep the guy alive and the family together. If somebody ends up apologizing, it’s usually the guy. I HATE THIS WITH AN UNMITIGATED PASSION. I’m sorry for the all-caps, but that’s how much I hate it. I HATE IT THIS MUCH. THIS. MUCH.

    I hate both that AT&T ad and the above-mentioned “I should’ve married John Clark” ad, but the ones I hate most right now are those awful McDonalds ads in which one of two things happens:
    1)The woman outsmarts the stupid selfish man (the “We’re going shopping for window treatments” ad), or
    2)The bumbling moron man barely manages to escape the wrath of his controlling wife (the “He says Sundays are for watching football” “He’s a jerk” ad).

    I can’t find a youtube link for those ads right now, but you’ve probably seen them.

    As to your last question: I can think of three very good reasons Tony Romo is popular in Detroit today!

  6. Ed Blonski says:

    This phenomena has been termed “stupid guy” by James Dobson, in this book “Bringing Up Boys.”

  7. Is it okay if I hate this AT&T commercial, but love the one when the parents pick their favorite kid? Is that the equivalent of liking one terrorist’s personality?

  8. Oh, I’ve seen way worse! This was kinda cute actually. Except the wife. Not sure what her problem is.

    Now if you want to gripe about AT&T’s customer service, I’m down…

  9. wonder_aloud says:

    I don’t know where I heard the theory first but I tend look at these commercials under the ‘Reasonable Human Being’ idea. In other words, what would cause a reasonable person to act this way (for example, when someone passes me doing 20 over the speed limit, I think of how I would act if I had gotten the call that my husband was seriously injured and in the hospital and give them the grace that I would want under those circumstances). I can see a situation where the situation in this commercial might happen to ‘reasonable human beings’. I do admit the “I should have married John Clark” ad gets totally under my skin, I’ve yet to find a way to give that one grace.

    • Chris says:

      One method that sometimes works for me is to remember that I’ve done plenty of things for which there was no Reasonable Human Being excuse. And if that’s true, then the only logical path for me is to be merciful when I see someone else in those shoes.

  10. JWo says:

    AT&T obviously hates men and a boycott is in order. hahaha…

  11. I have been boycotting AT&T since long before I saw any offensive ads. 🙂

  12. reneamac says:

    Commericials are quite possibly the largest artery pumping asinine stereotypes into our lives.

    And don’t get me started on Romo. I mean, I give the guy props for playing with a busted rib, but he just can’t make the clutch plays—injured or otherwise. When he’s good, he’s good; when he’s off his game, he doesn’t seemt to have the mental game to get back on. I heart the Cowboys.

  13. Lily Wayne says:

    I hate the ATT ad where the wife is excruciatingly bitchy to the husband after he does something nice for the family….who picks these ads, who thinks that such miserable meanness would entice anyone to switch to ATT.
    If anything, the ad is an example of dysfunction, who doesn’t know a bitch like that, or the nice nerdy guy bullied by the bitch? Doesn’t make me want to run out and get anything from ATT, if their marketing guys think this is funny. It isn’t.

  14. Doug says:

    It is an effective ad, to the extent it and the others have had the effect of convincing me I have a brain and therefore cannot be an AT&T customer.

  15. cynda says:

    the spouse bashing is beyond idiotic… and this GETTING MORE RATINGS???
    OHHHH Pleezzzz. id rather deal with a company who has more morals and brains. consider me cancelled….

  16. I’m getting so sick of the way tv makes men look. Having two sons has me searching for positive male role models but there’re frying mighty hard to find. Guess feminism is just the gift that keeps on giving:( as for Tony Romo? Dating jessica simpson may have helped his popularity

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