how to be a better blogger

oooooooohhhh!  Agent Smith is going off topic again?  whatever shall i do?

you’ll get by without my dating genius for one day.  i promise.  it’s Monday.  nobody dates on Monday.

besides, it’s not really off topic for me.  my blog and the transitions and improvements i have made and am in the process of making (hint hint) are a direct result of the advice and ass kicking i’ve received from Bryan Allain.  not to be confused with Jack Lalanne.  although they both do have super powers.

Bryan’s super powers are in his ability to make the in and outs of blogging not only accessible, but also hysterical.  Jack Lalanne makes juicing exciting and easy. 

this is what passes for my review of Bryan Allain’s “31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo”.  you’re on your own with the Power Juicer.

when i started reading “31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo”, i got a few chapters in and thought, “nailed it!  i’m doing everything right.  yay me!”

then i got a few more chapters in and things began to change a bit.  Bryan continued to lay out the structure for building a successful blog and i realized i still have a ways to go.  change is a comin’, dear readers.  and it will be a direct result of what i’ve learned from this book and from Bryan. 

but don’t worry, content is staying the same.  i will still be your favorite terrible person.

one of the things i implemented right away that Bryan suggests is writing down my ideas as they come to me.  which means keeping something to write on and with at all times.  Bryan says it’s probably not best to write on your jeans with a Sharpee, but i think that’s genius.  i call them my “idea pants”.

other reasons you should man up and spend $4.99 on 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo:

1.  it’s practical:  Bryan lays out a plan that simply makes a ton of sense.  i totally face-palmed more than once while reading it.

2.  it’s doable:  all the steps are easy to take.  there’s no jumping through flaming hoops into vats of orange jello.  not that that wouldn’t be fun.  but they are broken down into chewable bites that makes for better digestion.  like fiber.

3.  it’s hilarious:  i know Bryan’s humor.  i read it everyday at his blog, i’ve talked to him on the phone and even served him probably the worst coffee he’s ever had (that i later found out kept him up past 1 in the AM), and i was still surprised by how fresh the humor is in this book.

4.  it’s cheap:  $4.99?  seriously?  the vente salted caramel mocha i’m drinking right now cost me more than that.  Bryan, you totally undersold yourself.  it’s worth way more.  and i would have happily paid it.

5.  help a brutha out:  those of us with blogs should know what it’s like to need to be supported by others in the blog-o-sphere.  Bryan is not only working harder than most people i know to make a dream into his reality, but he’s offering a genuinely needed service to the rest of us in the process.  help him get there.  buy the book.

have a blog?  going to have a blog?  think that maybe someday you might have a blog?  buy the book.  it will save you countless months of frustration.

buy the book.

buy the book.

buy the book.

and…do what i also did.  i’m a member of Killer Tribe.  Bryan’s online blogging forum and advice center.  totally worth it.

bloggers?  what’s your biggest frustration with your blog?


4 comments on “how to be a better blogger

  1. curtis says:

    Just wanted you to know I bought the book. Just read day one. Thanks for the advice – I guess I should go work now.
    Have you read “Dispatches from Blogistan” by Suzanne Stefanac? It’s a pretty academic and sophisticated approach to extolling the virtues and techniques of blogging. It’s outdated but I’m liking it as foundational history. You might to.

  2. Jennifer C. says:

    Tried to buy the book in the special pre-sale sale thingy, but apparently my paypal account is limited. stupid. Still, $4.99 is a steal. Going to buy it on pay day. 🙂

    Anyhoo– my biggest blogging frustration is me. I don’t feel like I have focus enough to maintain a blog even though I love writing and sharing with others. I also have lost sight a little of the fact that I began writing because I love it– not because I want to be successful and well-known. Blah blah bleeeeh. No. Focus.

  3. ThatGuyKC says:

    I got to review this book as well and it was invaluable. I’ll be using the month of October to work through it day by day.

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