prepare to be very excited

guys, remember junior high when Allison Banks (or your equivalent untouchable hot girl) walked into class and you had to hold your Trapper Keeper over your nether regions while approaching the chalkboard?

*did she really just go there?*  *dude, how does she know about that?*

i have brothers and an honorary letter in football.  i know stuff.

anyway, men get to be a certain age and things stop working quite like they did when they were 14.

enter Cialis.

and that stupid commercial with the two bathtubs.

if there’s one thing i don’t want to know, it’s where Cialis is.

if there’s one thing you want to know, it’s that this post is ending in order that you may jump over to Knox McCoy’s place and see my (and several others) breakdown of this Cialas commercial.  i and other residents of Knox’s Awesometown have lent our lack of talent writing skills to some questions Knox had about this horrible, horrible ad.

click here for the funny and the attempts at funny

and here for my Awesometown post

do it.

any embarrassing boner stories?  no?  fine.

how about plans for the Labor Day Weekend?



3 comments on “prepare to be very excited

  1. Knox McCoy says:

    “any embarrassing boner stories? no? fine.”


  2. G Fresh says:

    Well I was gonna leave a comment over on Knox’s site, but the connection kept timing out for some reason so my comedic genius will just have to take the day off.

    I bet Mike Seaver has the best embarrassing Boner stories…

    Labor Day weekend plans? Nothing set in stone, but I’m hoping at some point there may be some pool and KARAOKE involved. 😉

  3. Chad Jones says:

    Boy, you people sure have some stones to post this junk!


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